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Why Non-Slip Restaurant Shoes Make Your Life Easier

Posted by Shoes For Crews Europe on 30-Jul-2018 15:09:00

Restaurants are fast-paced environments where everyone, from front of house to the team in the kitchen, needs to be quick on their feet at all times. You also have to be on your feet for most of your shift too. That’s why you should invest in non-slip restaurant shoes. From comfort to safety, here’s how they’ll help make your life easier.


Non-slip restaurant shoes

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Protect You From Slip and Trip Hazards

Slips, trips and falls are one of the most common accidents in a restaurant. Luckily, slip and trip hazards can easily be avoided if you wear non-slip footwear.

Slip-resistant shoes help to ensure that you won’t slip or fall when you walk over wet or greasy surfaces. They work by using deeper tread grooves on the soles which grip the floor more firmly. This is particularly useful in a restaurant where liquids, such as water and oil, often spill onto the floor and make the ground slippery.

You can also look out for additional anti-trip features such as a tapered toe.

For example, Condor is a CE certified shoe, which has TripGuard technology to decrease the potential trip hazard when you’re moving between different floor types. It also has SpillGuard technology to keep you safe from hot liquids and removable cushioned insoles for all day comfort. Available in both black and white.


Condor shoes for crews europe


Reduce the Chances of Foot Injuries

If your shoes aren’t non-slip, you risk slipping and injuring yourself. This outcome is likely in an environment as busy as a restaurant where workers are flying around all over the place, trying to be as efficient as possible.

And it’s not just slips and trip injuries. Heavy or sharp items like knives and broken glass can easily fall onto the floor and cause injuries too. You should look for an S3 certified shoe that offers puncture-resistant features in addition to slip resistance.

For example, Roma81 features a puncture-resistant footbed and a steel toe that will protect up to 200 joules. This means your feet will be protected from heavy objects that could hit your toes or sharp objects piercing through your sole.



Be Durable and Long Lasting

Your shoes can bear the brunt of being worn everyday. As well as this, substances like oil and water can cause further exterior damage. And obviously when the shoes start to wear out, you’ll need to replace them.

Proper non-slip restaurant shoes can actually be much more cost-effective because they’re made from higher quality, durable materials that last much longer than their high street alternative.

For example, Cambridge II is a CE certified, classic shoe that’s perfect for more traditional, formal restaurant settings. Crafted from leather that’s been treated to repel liquids, it’s highly durable and sure to look smart for longer.


Cambridge II

Keep Your Feet Dry

A durable, water-resistant exterior will ensure the shoe’s longevity but that’s not the only benefit. It will also keep your feet dry which is obviously a huge advantage in restaurants where liquids often spill onto the floor and splash onto your shoes.

For example, Envy III’s exterior has been treated to repel liquids so even if the shoe gets wet, your feet are sure to stay snug and dry. That way, you can continue working comfortably and safely without your shoes rubbing or your socks getting soggy.


Envy III

Support Your Feet

Being on your feet for hours at a time can take its toll. Avoid getting sore feet by looking for non-slip restaurant shoes that also feature cushioned insoles.

For example, Grayson features Hoverlite technology, which is a lightweight foam compound, that makes every step you take feel lighter. There’s also the Flex Tread outsole which is slip-resistant and helps your shoe mould to your feet so they move the way you do. This results in long lasting comfort so you can easily navigate through your shift with a genuine smile on your face.  



So, What are the End Results?

Restaurants are hazardous places, with dangers such as slips, trips and sharp objects never too far away. And then there’s also the issue of having to be on your feet for most of your long shift, which can obviously leave you with sore feet and legs.

When you invest in non-slip restaurant shoes, you’re ensuring that you can work more safely and comfortably. This means you can navigate through your shift with supported feet and easily avoiding hazards - all with a smile on your face.

And this has a positive impact on the rest of your team and the quality of your service, which then boosts your customers’ dining experience. After all, a happier team means better service and a more satisfied diner.


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