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What Kind of Shoes do Bartenders Wear?

Posted by Shoes For Crews Europe on 16-Sep-2018 10:28:00

It doesn’t matter if it’s a luxury wine bar or a student night at a music venue, bartenders all face long periods of time on their feet. It isn’t just the hours, you’ll have to deal with other members of staff and regular spills. If you’re new to bar work, it’s useful to know exactly what kind of shoes bartenders wear.


bartender wearing shoes for crews


What to Look For in Shoes for Bar Staff

Your favourite pair of trainers aren’t going to offer the comfort and protection you need if you’re going to be working behind a bar. Here are some of the key features you should be looking out for when purchasing your next pair of work shoes:

  • Slip Resistance
  • Comfort
  • Ventilation
  • Waterproof or Water Resistant
  • Style


Slip Resistance

Wearing the wrong pair of shoes will lead to you slipping and sliding all over the place. It only takes one unfortunate fall to cause a serious injury which can lead to days off work, so it’s vital you wear shoes that are slip-resistant to keep you safe and upright.


Look for a pair of shoes that are designed with anti-slip materials. A good indicator of this is if the shoes have been awarded safety certificates. Spirit II has both CE and OB certifications, conforming with EU directives on safety.


Spirit II features a slip-resistant outsole and the innovative TripGuard, which will keep you on your feet as you move around the busy bar. Several traction patterns are used on the outsole, helping you to stay safe whatever the floor type.


shoes for crews spirit ii waitress shoe



Comfort beats fashion every time. Bartenders are on their feet all night, dealing with difficult customers and making multiple trips around the bar for empty glasses. The last thing you’ll want to be worrying about is sore feet or backache as they can lead to serious health issues and time off work.


When shopping for a new pair of work shoes, look at the materials used and if there’s any extra cushioning. It might only be a small addition, but it can make all the difference.


Reese uses pressure release technology to make each step a little easier. The springy heel returns energy to your feet, while the extra cushioning within the insole keeps you comfortable no matter how long the shift.




A bar can be a hot place to work, especially if you’re moving around all night without a break. Shoes without effective ventilation can lead to sweaty and uncomfortable feet, which is unpleasant for both the wearer and anyone else nearby.


It’s not something many people remember to consider, but think about ventilation when you’re choosing your next pair of work shoes. Find a pair with breathable material and your feet will thank you for it.


For a shoe that keeps you cool no matter how chaotic the bar is, choose Wes for men. Carefully placed mesh panels help heat to escape, stopping your feet from overheating. 


For women, Avery is a breathable shoe that is comfortable, safe and slip-resistant.



Waterproof or Water Resistant

You’re five minutes into your shift and you walk through a puddle of spilt drink. If you’re not wearing the right kind of shoes, you’ll soon have wet socks and feet, leading to an uncomfortable night and even blisters caused by rubbing.


When finding suitable bartender shoes, look for a pair that’s been specially treated to repel liquids.


Liberty is just one of our shoes for bar staff that’s water-resistant. Whatever is spilt, your feet will be kept nice and dry thanks to the liquid-repellent materials.




We’ve said that comfort beats fashion every time but that doesn’t mean there aren’t bartender shoes available that look good. Whether you need to look professional or fit in with the bar’s relaxed vibe, there are bar staff shoes available that offer all the features you need to keep you safe, while still looking great.


Perfect for giving the right first impression, Statesmen is comfortable, sophisticated and stylish. If you’re working in a more laid-back atmosphere, then Old School Low Rider III is the choice for you. It’s based on a classic sneaker look but with all the added features to keep your feet happy and you safe at work.


STATESMAN_1202 old school low rider iv


Download Our Ultimate Buying Guide

Buying work shoes shouldn’t be a rushed decision. Choose the wrong pair and you’ll no doubt be back in the store or on the website a few months later, finding another new pair.


Browse our full collection of work and safety shoes to find the right options for you. You can read reviews from other bartenders who offer their experiences with our shoes. If we don’t currently have your size in stock in a shoe you like, enter your email address and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready to order.






If you still need a little more information and advice, then discover our helpful guide. We’ve put together The Ultimate Guide to Buying Slip Resistant Shoes to make the whole process easier.


It’s packed with useful tips to help you find the perfect pair. Shoes are sorted by job role, so you can find the right shoes to deal with the exact hazards you face at work. Download our free guide now by clicking on the link below.


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