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In any fast food restaurant, the manager has lots of responsibilities. From supervising staff to keeping the kitchen running to ensuring strict hygiene controls of both the staff and kitchen; fast food managers are on their feet constantly. These are the duties of a fast food manager.


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Deliver high quality food

As the manager, you're responsible for the quality of the food. If it's greasy and tasteless, it will be you who is held responsible. You have to ensure all staff are trained properly and make everything to a high standard. 


You can achieve this by providing training and refresher lessons to help all employees maintain a high level of quality. If you notice any staff members slacking or undermining the work of other employees then they must be spoken to. The secret to a successful fast food restaurant is for everyone to work together.



Promote excellent customer service

One of the most important duties of a fast food manager is to promote excellent customer service. Fast food relies on providing excellent service to customers. One bad experience can cause a customer to go elsewhere for their food and/or badmouth your restaurant.


Encourage positive energy at work. Improving morale will benefit your staff and benefit how they interact with your customers. Ensure all your staff are trained in how to interact correctly with customers. If a staff member looks bored or is paying little attention to their customer, then it will have a negative impression on you AND your restaurant. Your staff should always be polite and listen to customers. 


Make sure your staff are dressed and ready for work with this guide to fast food uniforms.



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Create a safe work environment

It's your responsibility to create a safe work environment. Everyone has a right to go to work and feel like their employer has made every effort to reduce hazards and maintain a safe working atmosphere.


By making sure that all safety signs are in place and employees follow the health and safety regulations, you can help reduce accidents. Tell staff that they must inform you if they see something hazardous so you can remove it.



Recruit new staff

As a fast food manager, one of your main duties will be to hire new staff. In the fast food industry, there is a high turnover of staff, because many people choose it as temporary or part time work. While you may have little control over people's decisions to stay or leave, you can find the best people to join your team. 


During each recruitment process, it's important to find people who follow your brand's ideals and are passionate about the product. You need people who will work as part of a team and will be reliable. Prepare interview questions in advance to ask the right questions in order to get a clearer insight into the people you interview.



Preparing rotas 

On a weekly or monthly basis, you will be responsible for creating work schedules. You will have to take into account people who are on holiday, how many hours each employee is contracted to work and any other commitments.


As the manager, you want to be fair to your staff and help them get the work schedules that work best for them. If employees feel like their managers are trying to help them, they will appreciate it and feel valued. At times, you may struggle to get the work schedules they want. It's important to be fair but firm, tell your staff you will do the best to accommodate their wants but you also need to keep the restaurant staffed.



Maintain hygiene standards 

Along with creating a safe work environment, it's important to maintain extremely high hygiene standards. When you're working with food, work surfaces and all kitchen utensils need to be clean and steps must be put in place to avoid cross contamination. Food poisoning can deter people from coming back to your restaurant and it will look badly on you. Put hygiene prompts around the kitchens to remind staff to wash their hands and keep surface clean and tidy. As you’re constantly dealing with food and utensils and potentially customers, it’s really important to keep washing and sterilising your hands regularly to avoid possible cross contamination.


You can set an example to the rest of your team by maintaining high hygiene standards yourself. Tidy up any mess that you see, wash your hands, throw away rubbish and mop up any spills. While you might be thinking, "I'm the manager, I shouldn't be cleaning," you're responsible for the hygiene standards in your restaurant and you need to help keep it clean. Also some restaurants may now require staff to wear a facemask and gloves while working in their specific environment. If this is the case, make sure you and your staff always follow the business guidelines around when to wear them and replace them



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Organise team meetings

You're responsible for hosting team meetings and boosting morale. Having bi-weekly or monthly meetings is a great way to talk to your employees and help them feel like they're in the loop of what's happening.


These are also fantastic opportunities to have team building sessions. One of the best ways to improve morale is by encouraging employees to work together and build friendships. 



Handle customer complaints

Managers are responsible for handling customer complaints. If a customer is complaining to an employee, you will be expected to intervene and help solve the situation.


You need to stay calm and remain professional. Some customers can get very irate but as the manager, you need to stay cool and try to meet their needs.  



Manage promotional campaigns

You're also responsible for managing promotional campaigns. Many fast food restaurants have seasonal and holiday campaigns to encourage people to visit.  


Prepare campaigns in advance so you have plenty of time to decorate the restaurant and teach your employees about any new festive menus. It's important to be on board and ready for the new campaign on the first day it starts.


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