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What are the biggest problems facing nursing today?

Posted by Shoes For Crews Europe on 08-Nov-2016 08:57:36

Nursing is a high pressure job. As a nurse, you have lots of responsibilities: helping patients, assisting in procedures, updating paperwork and much more. Healthcare is incredibly important but there are currently many problems that cause issues for nurses, making it difficult for them to do their job. These are the biggest problems facing nursing today. 


biggest problems facing nursing



Staff shortages

Staffing shortages is one of the biggest problems currently facing nurses. Hospitals are trying to meet their budgets and save costs wherever they can. But these cost cuts are cutting down on staff and this puts greater pressure on staff because they have less support and they have to work more hours. 



Meeting patient expectations

According to a survey carried out by the Nursing Times, they found that more than half of nurses said that meeting patient expectations is the biggest problem currently facing nursing.


Patients have very high expectations but because of budget and staffing cuts, these expectations can't always be met. This puts immense strain on nurses who usually have lots of patients to look after. Hearing their patients are unhappy with their level of service can affect morale and put nurses under a great amount of negative stress.


Hospitals can help nurses by making sure there are enough nurses available on shift so everyone has extra support available. But it's also important that nurses look after themselves, being stressed at work can cause bad health issues and make you feel unhappy at work. These are some excellent stress reduction techniques for nurses.



nurse writing her notes


Long working hours

Working long hours and doing overtime, have been a big issue for years. Nurses are repeatedly expected to do 12-hour shifts and do overtime. This problem mainly stems from staff cuts but nurses are often required to stay at work when there has been a serious accident.


While many hospitals expect their nurses to repeatedly work long hours, they fail to understand that nurses need time to recover away from the hospital. Working as a nurse is physically and emotionally stressful and it's important they have enough time to rest. When nurses are exhausted at work, they aren't working their best and this is where accidents can happen. 



Workplace violence

Violence is reported to be the third biggest cause of injuries for employees in the health and social sector. Violence towards nurses can range from a drunken patient attacking them or verbal assault. To be honest, you shouldn't expect patients to be violent towards healthcare staff but it's a common occurrence. 


This is why it's important for nurses to never work by themselves, especially during night shifts.


To help overcome this problem, hospitals need to put in risk assessments and control measures to ensure nurses are trained and know what to do when someone is acting violent, and there is adequate staff numbers available.



Workplace hazards




Another of the biggest problems facing nursing is workplace hazards. Nurses have to regularly work with needles, sharp tools and heavy equipment. To help avoid accidents, all staff should be trained properly and always follow rules and regulations to ensure they aren't injured, along with their colleagues. 


Any potential hazards should be seen to immediately. For example, wet floors can cause serious accidents. As nurses are busy, it's easy to forget to check the floor for potential dangers but wearing appropriate footwear can help reduce the chance of an accident happening. Healthcare shoes with effective slip-resistant grip are excellent on slippery floors and help nurses stay on their feet. 




Personal Health

Finally, another problem for nurses is their own personal health. Working in healthcare is a stressful occupation and can cause stress-related health problems. It's important for nurses to relax and take time away from work to help them unwind. 


Here's some tips to help nurses stay healthy.


Along with being mentally exhausting, working as a nurse is physically strenuous. Many nurses suffer from back problems and sore feet. Working 12-hour shifts is physically demanding but you can look after yourself by wearing work shoes that are designed for your job responsibilities. Healthcare shoes are created for healthcare professionals, they provide slip-resistant grip, comfortable insoles and excellent support - features you need when working in a hospital.



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