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Want to know all there is to know about workplace safety, security, and health? Visit SHOES FOR CREWS (EUROPE), Ltd. at the A+A Trade Show (stand number 5K44) in Dusseldorf, Germany from the 17th-20th October 2017.


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A+A is an international organisation hosting the largest international trade forum for safety, security, and health at work. The event has specialist visitors from top industrial sectors, and SHOES FOR CREWS (EUROPE) has been invited because we’re an industry leader in slip-resistant workplace footwear; we get you home safe every time.



messe dusseldoft interiror.jpgThe interior of a Hall at Messe Dusseldorf


The event promises to provide innovative solutions, and expert dialogue from authorities around the world. The event covers:


  • Safety at work
  • Security at work
  • Health at work and Corporate Health
  • Fire Protection and Disaster Management
  • Corporate Fashion
  • A+A Congress and ILO Conference


The theme of this year is to promote safety at work, to reiterate how workplace safety is crucial, and promote workplace security that protects the workforce, the company, the customers, and the assets. To create work-life balance and get more out of life, people need general health, to get home safe and healthy from work to create a sense of well-being and generate motivation for each new day of work.


Where to Find Us

You can find SHOES FOR CREWS (EUROPE) in Hall 5, booth K44. Come say hello!


SFCE Position K44 map at fairground .png


Come and visit the SHOES FOR CREWS EUROPE team in Hall 5, booth K44


Product Categories

Here are the product categories you’ll find at the A+A Trade show:

  1. Safety at work: 1,003 exhibitors

  2. Health at work: 128 exhibitors

  3. Security at work: 203 exhibitors

  4. Special equipment for disaster and emergency management: 30 exhibitors

  5. Media/training: 27 exhibitors

  6. Forums and presentations: 51 exhibitors


What to Expect


When you visit us at the A+A you'll get to see a preview of the styles in our safety range that launch later this year, which means you'll see the styles before anyone else; A+A is our first trade show to showcase these styles.


The Cortina Group and SHOES FOR CREWS are introducing a new range of Safety Shoes into the European Market. Nine of the top selling “Safety Jogger” styles have upgraded “Uppers” and will now feature high-performance traction by SHOES FOR CREWS.


The SHOES FOR CREWS outsoles are designed with an exclusive rubber compound and micro-channel tread patterns, crafted to channel hazardous liquids away from your sole.


The SHOES FOR CREWS Traction Technology allows employees and employers to feel even safer in the workplace with the knowledge that dangerous slips on water and oil spills can be largely avoided thanks to SHOES FOR CREWS outsoles, allowing you to cover more ground with less risk. 


Sneak Peek of Our Safety Jogger Range - Safety Jogger Traction By Shoes For Crews 



We are really excited to introduce the Safety Jogger range, featuring high-performance traction by SHOES FOR CREWS; here's a sneak peek.








323a65c0-8efa-11e7-ab8c-e89a8f741358.jpg X110081


This range launches later this year, combining the Safety Jogger brand with the unbeatable slip-resistant outsoles of SHOES FOR CREWS. Stay tuned to learn all about our exciting updates. 


Changes We Made This Year...

2017 is a big year for SHOES FOR CREWS since we updated safety elements and revamped our styles. Style meets safety to get you home safe.  


This year we launched all new styles, improved sole technology, and had a complete re-brand. You can't find a more stylish and safe shoe anywhere on the market. Our shoes surpass the rigorous ISO standards, which are tested for slip-resistance on ceramic tile and steel surfaces, coated with glycerin; our shoes not only stop slips and trips but they also exceed these standards by anywhere from two to four times the minimum! You will not find a shoe that gets you home safe like ours. So whether you want athletic, casual, safety, or dress shoes, we have you covered. 






Pearl Gray and Purple.jpg









old school low rider III-1.jpg

Old School Low Rider III (Men's)




Cabbie II SFC.jpgCabbie II (Men's) 

ollie ii mens.jpg 

Ollie (Men's)








Venice (Black)


venice brown.jpg

Venice (Brown) 


Kora side view.jpg 






PU Sentinel with steel toe


cambridge steel toe.jpg

Cambridge with steel toe


Executive Wing Tip with steel toe


PVC Guardian with steel toe


These are our existing safety range, but we will be adding nine new options soon with even more safety elements. Stay tuned. 




Buying Tickets and Catalogues

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Getting There by Plane, Train, and Automobile!

Here's a link to all the information you need about arrival


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Don’t forget to wear your safe, slip-resistant shoes!

We can’t wait to see you at the A+A Trade show. Download our FREE guide that explains all of the safety elements and our new sole tech here. 

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