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8 Telltale Signs That it’s Time to Update Your Kitchen Safety Rules

Published 15, Oct 2018

According to Statista, the European restaurant and food service industry is booming, with eating out being one of the most popular leisure activities. But for the industry to keep succeeding, specific kitchen safety rules must be followed as the main cause of accidents in restaurants is an unsafe work environment. Here are eight obvious signs that it’s time to update the safety rules in your kitchen and how to go about it.

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When to Replace Safety Shoes and How to Find the Perfect Replacement

Published 25, Aug 2018

Even the best pair of work shoes will need replacing eventually. However well you look after them, they’ll experience general wear and tear - especially if you’re on your feet all day. There are some signs to look out for that can indicate when to replace safety shoes and we can help you to find the perfect replacement pair.

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Topics: Workplace Safety Tips, Health and Safety

Are Chefs Overworked?

Published 16, May 2018

Chefs are notorious for working between 50 and 70 hours a week, often on weekends and evenings with shifts lasting an average of 12 hours. While many chefs love what they do and the career is very rewarding, it's easy to get burned out and many people suffer from physical and mental problems that can have detrimental effects on their life. 

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How to Plan and Write a Shoe Safety Policy for Your Business

Published 12, May 2018

Safe footwear is crucial in any industry, as they can protect staff from a number of different hazards. It doesn’t matter if you’re a chef, a butcher or even a theme park assistant, safe footwear is a necessity and you need to ensure that your business has a safety policy in place to help protect your employees from injuries.


Not everyone knows how to implement these policies though, so here’s how to plan and write a safety shoe policy for your business.

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6 Essential Hotel Safety Tips For Employees

Published 19, Mar 2018

Being welcoming and offering the best customer service aren't the only things you need to make guests repeatedly stay at your hotel. While they're still important, guests knowing that they're safe on your premises will give a comforting feeling that they're in safe hands. To achieve this - and keep your staff safe too - it's important you provide hotel safety tips for employees. 

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How to train staff on good customer service: Tips for managers

Published 09, Nov 2017

It doesn’t matter what type of establishment you’re in; whether it’s a hotel, supermarket or a restaurant, the impression the staff you’ve employed leave on the customers determines whether they’ll be returning, or whether they’ll be taking their business elsewhere. Essentially, the staff on the floor are the face of the brand and customers rely on them to receive assistance whenever they need it, so here’s how to train staff on good customer service: tips for managers.

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Mixologist vs Bartender: What’s The Difference?

Published 08, Nov 2017


Customers on the other side of the bar probably can’t tell the difference between a mixologist and a bartender. Some may not even know what a mixologist is. Either way, they’re getting their well-crafted drinks served to them to help them enjoy their night out. Little do they know that there’s a major difference between the two careers. 

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7 Things Every Event Safety Plan Should Include

Published 07, Nov 2017

Running an event soon? Have you thought of your event safety plan? Making sure your event runs smoothly may require a team of planners, chefs, caterers, waitstaff, bartenders, security personnel, as well as others. When an event goes mobile, it doesn’t mean health and safety should go out the window. Of course it’s more difficult to plan for unknown variables, but safety procedures should be put in place and well-documented. For every event, you'll need a documented safety plan, detailing the hazards and the ways you'll eliminate or reduce those hazards. 

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6 Restaurant Lighting Tips For Managers

Published 19, Oct 2017

Your restaurant could have it all: delicious food, amazing service and every table styled to the finest detail. However, it’d all be futile if your restaurant doesn’t possess the best lighting possible. In fact, lighting is key in creating any atmosphere or mood, and is vital when you are trying to entice potential customers. So, here are 6 restaurant lighting tips for managers to make your establishment shine!

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How to do a slips, trips and falls risk assessment

Published 18, Oct 2017

According to statistics provided by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), slips, trips and falls are the most common injuries sustained at work, and account for over one-third of all major workplace injuries. It’s not just the monetary damages that you and your company could sustain, but you could be putting your employees’ lives in danger if you haven’t taken the appropriate steps - so here’s how to do a slips, trips and falls risk assessment.

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Etiquette, Dress Codes and more: 6 Useful Receptionist Tips

Published 17, Oct 2017

Being the receptionist in the hotel means you’re the face of the brand. You’re the first person the guests see when they walk in, and the last when they leave and, if you present yourself well and go out of your way to help, then you’re only increasing the reputation of the brand, so here are 6 useful receptionist tips.

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5 of the latest hotel technology trends

Published 06, Oct 2017

One of the many reasons why the hospitality industry is booming is because of how establishments are able to incorporate the latest technology to improve the quality of their guest’s stays. Now, simply turning up to a hotel, checking in, sleeping, and then leaving in the morning is almost non-existent. The inclusion of technology is what improves the overall experience, so here are 5 of the latest hotel technology trends.

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