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A Day in the Life of a Waitress

Published 14, May 2019

Taking guests to their table, taking orders and setting up for the next day. They’re just some of the many typical duties you’ll do as a waiter or waitress. This role is usually seen as the first step into the culinary world for those passionate about food and hospitality. If you’re thinking about what a typical day in the life of a waitress consists of, then you’re in luck.

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Topics: Waiter / Waitress

Why Your Team Needs Hospitality Shoes (And How to Choose Them)

Published 28, Sep 2018

Slip-resistant hospitality shoes are a must have for your employees. Without the right protective footwear, your staff are vulnerable to an accident in the workplace that could hit your business harder than you might think. These are the main reasons why your team needs protective footwear and how you can make sure you’re choosing the right ones.

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The Best Catering Shoes, No Matter What Your Role Is

Published 17, Aug 2018

Whether you’re behind the bar, working hard in the kitchen or supervising behind-the-scenes, you need the right catering shoes. The wrong pair of shoes might not be able to keep you safe or support your feet, which can potentially lead to accidents or aches, pains and general unhappiness when working.

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The Best Waiter Shoes and What Features You Need to Look for

Published 31, May 2018

As a waiter, you’ll find yourself on your feet for most of your shift. Not only are you expected to dash around from table to kitchen and back, but those shifts are often long. It’s no wonder you’re left with sore feet and an aching back after a heavy weekend shift. That’s why you should invest in proper waiter shoes that offer comfort, support and still look stylish. Here are our top picks and the features you should look out for.

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