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Marketing In The Hospitality Industry - How To Succeed In 2018

Published 17, Nov 2017

In this competitive digital age, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. Your business could suffer if you don’t adapt to these new trends which could leave you in danger of falling behind your competitors. Whether you own a restaurant, a chain of hotels or even a popular theme park - it’s important to be aware of current marketing trends and how your business can massively benefit from adopting or even creating such trends. So, here’s how to succeed at marketing in the hospitality industry in 2018.

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5 of the latest hotel technology trends

Published 06, Oct 2017

One of the many reasons why the hospitality industry is booming is because of how establishments are able to incorporate the latest technology to improve the quality of their guest’s stays. Now, simply turning up to a hotel, checking in, sleeping, and then leaving in the morning is almost non-existent. The inclusion of technology is what improves the overall experience, so here are 5 of the latest hotel technology trends.

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