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The Most Ridiculous (But Amazing) Restaurant Complaints Ever Received

Published 06, Jun 2018

The hospitality industry can be unforgiving at times, especially when you encounter customers who sometimes make strange requests and complaints. We scoured the web and found some of the most ridiculous, but hilarious, restaurant complaints ever received. They say the customer is always right, but this list may prove otherwise...

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Hotel Customer Feedback Management Systems: 5 Platforms To Try

Published 22, May 2018

When it comes to your hotel, the aim is to have every room booked and the only way that can happen is if the customers are happy. That's why many hotels are beginning to utilise customer feedback tools to track what's being said about them. Here are five hotel customer feedback management systems you need to try.

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How to train staff on good customer service: Tips for managers

Published 09, Nov 2017

It doesn’t matter what type of establishment you’re in; whether it’s a hotel, supermarket or a restaurant, the impression the staff you’ve employed leave on the customers determines whether they’ll be returning, or whether they’ll be taking their business elsewhere. Essentially, the staff on the floor are the face of the brand and customers rely on them to receive assistance whenever they need it, so here’s how to train staff on good customer service: tips for managers.

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How To Turn A Negative Online Review Into A Win For Your Restaurant

Published 20, Oct 2017

Running a restaurant can be a tricky business. Not only are you having to manage the production of high-quality food from your team, along with the great customer service you’re providing, you have to maintain your online presence as well. Even if your restaurant doesn’t provide online services, customers now share their experiences on the internet more than ever and their feedback can either encourage others to visit, or it can deter them from ever stepping foot in your establishment. We understand that restaurant managers like you can feel the strain if you're left negative feedback out of the blue - so here’s how to turn a negative online review into a win for your restaurant.

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