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The Different Head Chef Duties You Might Not Know Exist

Published 20, Nov 2019

Whether you’re a kitchen assistant, commis chef or just thinking about becoming one, every role in the kitchen is important to ensure every service runs smoothly. If you’re really passionate and want to progress in your career, then you might be thinking of eventually becoming a head chef.

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What Are the Best Chef Shoes for Long Hours?

Published 02, Nov 2019

Chefs are hard-working, determined and they thrive under pressure. They need to have these traits so they can succeed in hot kitchens during busy shifts. 

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Why Should Chefs Wear Clogs?

Published 30, Oct 2018

You’ve always worn trainers at work, but the other chefs and kitchen staff all choose to wear clogs, even though you’ve not yet seen the benefits. A busy kitchen can be a hazardous place to work, so it’s vital you’re wearing the right protective clothing. So, why should chefs wear clogs and what should you keep in mind when finding the perfect pair?

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What Type of Shoes Should Be Worn in a Kitchen?

Published 20, Sep 2018

Industry-specific shoes are often overlooked when it comes to the kitchen. People often complain about how expensive they are or whether they actually need them. These shoes are designed to keep you safe and comfortable in a workplace where there are hazards around every corner so they’re essential for any kitchen worker. Still not convinced? Read on to find out more about what type of shoes should be worn in a kitchen.

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All You Need to Know About Non-Slip Shoes for Kitchen Work

Published 31, Aug 2018

You may let your kitchen staff get away with wearing shoes they’ve picked out from their favourite brands. Though they might look great, these shoes aren’t equipped to deal with the different hazards that are common in kitchens, like slippery surfaces and falling objects. Here’s everything you need to know about finding the right non-slip shoes for kitchen work. We’ll cover:

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7 Tips for Finding the Perfect Chef's Footwear

Published 28, Aug 2018

There’s a lot to think about during a busy service. Juggling food preparation, timings and complicated orders is difficult enough without worrying about sore feet or slipping on wet surfaces. You need the right chef’s footwear to keep you safe, comfortable and protected at work, and we can help you find the perfect pair.

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The Best Catering Shoes, No Matter What Your Role Is

Published 17, Aug 2018

Whether you’re behind the bar, working hard in the kitchen or supervising behind-the-scenes, you need the right catering shoes. The wrong pair of shoes might not be able to keep you safe or support your feet, which can potentially lead to accidents or aches, pains and general unhappiness when working.

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How to Prevent Spills in the Kitchen (CLUE: It Starts from the Ground Up)

Published 14, Aug 2018

Slips and trips continue to be the most common cause of injury in European workplaces. It takes all members of staff to create a safe working environment for everyone. We’ll cover the steps your kitchen should already be taking and what more you can do to prevent spills and accidents.

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