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Want to know which young or upcoming chefs are climbing to the top of the tree this year? We can help. Here are five new chefs from around Europe who we’re certain will be at the top of the game in no time.

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England - Damien Wager





Wager is a huge pastry talent, but it’s not your typical story of how he got to where he is today. He actually studied to be a PE teacher and it wasn’t until halfway through his studies he discovered his love for all things patisserie.


Wager then moved away from studying towards a teaching career and decided to set off in pursuit of landing his new dream job - a high end patisserie chef.


The 27-year-old is an absolute perfectionist and takes pride in every dish he serves. He is currently the pastry consultant at Moonraker Hotel in Stanton Manor after previously being Head of Pastry at the double rosette winning Beechfield House in Beanacre near Bath.


It comes as no surprise that with such a love for pastry, Wager’s signature dishes are both deserts. His two signatures are a black forest gateau and a toffee apple but his favourite dish to make are macarons. Wager taught himself how to master the macaron and hasn’t looked back since. Definitely a talent to keep your eye out for.



Wales - Tomos Parry



Parry won Young British Foodie Chef of the year back in 2014 and has continued to go from strength to strength since. The former head chef at Kitty Fisher’s candle-lit snug in Mayfair, London is a big believer that you should celebrate foods from all around the globe, especially from your own country.


Specialising in cooking over fire, Parry has recently opened his own eaterie in Shoreditch, London. “BRAT” opened in March 2018 and was named after the Old English slang for “turbot.” Unsurprisingly, Parry’s signature dish is grilled turbot cooked on cedar wood, accompanied by fresh cheeses and jersey cream and finished off with “made that morning” bread.


With BRAT proving to be a hit in the heart of Shoreditch, we can only presume it’s Parry’s desire to use only the freshest of local produce or his incredible talent in the kitchen. Or perhaps it’s both that’s drawing in the custom.



France - Antonio Buono



The Italian-born French native is a street food fanatic. Buono has always wanted to be a chef and is taking the industry by storm. The chef currently works at the three Michelin Star Mizaur restaurant in the south of France.


Buono has always worked in kitchens and is working his way right through the ranks. From pot wash to one day head chef, which if he carries on like he is doing that day won’t be too far away at all.


Red Mediterranean scorpion, black rust with rhubarb and celery is his signature dish and it proved to be a sting with the judges when he took home the San Pellegrino France Young Chef of 2018 awards recently. If he wasn’t a chef, Buono would’ve loved to be a footballer but we can’t see him retiring to play alongside Paul Pogba just yet!



Italy - Anthony Genovese




The two-time Michelin star winning chef became a chef to broaden his cultural horizons. He absolutely loves to travel the world and the dive into the different foods that are woven into the many cultures.


Genovese is not a stranger to a setback in his short career so far. Having opened a restaurant in Rome, the Italian had to watch it close down within two months. Determined to bounce back, he’s definitely proving himself to be the real deal at the II Paglaccio restaurant in the same city.


Like many other chefs, he has a strict culinary philosophy. He believes that all ingredients should be respected and loves creating possibilities for different flavours and aromas to come together. It’s this innovation which makes Genovese one of the best young chefs to watch in 2018.



Spain - David Andres


David Andres from Forbes 

Photo from Forbes


Andres is the sous-chef at three Michelin star, ABaC in the centre of Barcelona. He also has his own restaurant with his brother, which is again in Barcelona.


Until the age of 20, Andres had never been in the kitchen in his own home. His life was about high class sport and architecture - a career as a top quality chef wasn’t even in the picture. He got a job in the kitchen at ABaC, without knowing how to even chop an onion properly. It’s his burning passion to learn new things and having learnt to love cooking is why he is where he is today.

Andres is a special talent whose menus and cooking style reflect healthy and sustainable cooking. He likes to utilise the integral parts of food that are so commonly wasted and has a passion for all kinds of different cuisines.


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