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Your Boss Said "Buy Non-Slip Restaurant Shoes" and Here's Why

Published 14, Sep 2018

You know not to drive without a seatbelt and you know not to jump out of a plane without a parachute because you know the risks involved. But do you know the risks involved if you’re not wearing non-slip restaurant shoes? Here’s why you need to wear non-slip shoes if you’re a restaurant worker.

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Topics: Footwear

How Often Should You Replace Work Shoes?

Published 09, Sep 2018

We’re sometimes asked, “How often should you replace work shoes?”. The simple answer is -  work shoes need to be replaced as soon as they’re unfit for purpose. There are a few easy signs that they’re no longer up to the job, including general wear and tear.

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Topics: Workplace Footwear

What Standing All Day at Work Does to Your Body

Published 07, Sep 2018

Waiters and waitresses, chefs, bartenders and hotel workers are just some of the job roles where you’re required to be on your feet all day. This can take its toll on your body and it’s proven that standing for long periods of time can contribute to a variety of medical problems. Not sure what these are and how to protect yourself and your workers from them? Don’t worry. This post will outline everything that you need to know.

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Topics: Comfort

How to Improve your Work-Life Balance in the Food Industry

Published 04, Sep 2018

Gruelling, long shifts on your feet for over eight hours straight aren’t uncommon when working in the food industry. And not only are the hours long but they’re usually on weekends too, which is generally the time that everybody else has their days off to relax.

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Topics: Personal Development

All You Need to Know About Non-Slip Shoes for Kitchen Work

Published 31, Aug 2018

You may let your kitchen staff get away with wearing shoes they’ve picked out from their favourite brands. Though they might look great, these shoes aren’t equipped to deal with the different hazards that are common in kitchens, like slippery surfaces and falling objects. Here’s everything you need to know about finding the right non-slip shoes for kitchen work. We’ll cover:

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Topics: Non-Slip, Kitchen Safety, Chef, Health and Safety

4 Reasons Chefs Benefit from Anti-Slip Footwear

Published 31, Aug 2018

Slips, trips and falls are the most common workplace accident in any industry. The restaurant industry is no different and comes with its own unique set of hazards and potential risks. It’s imperative that chefs are kitted out in the correct, supportive anti-slip footwear and here’s why.

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Topics: Slip-Resistant Footwear

7 Tips for Finding the Perfect Chef's Footwear

Published 28, Aug 2018

There’s a lot to think about during a busy service. Juggling food preparation, timings and complicated orders is difficult enough without worrying about sore feet or slipping on wet surfaces. You need the right chef’s footwear to keep you safe, comfortable and protected at work, and we can help you find the perfect pair.

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Topics: Chef, Workplace Footwear

When to Replace Safety Shoes and How to Find the Perfect Replacement

Published 25, Aug 2018

Even the best pair of work shoes will need replacing eventually. However well you look after them, they’ll experience general wear and tear - especially if you’re on your feet all day. There are some signs to look out for that can indicate when to replace safety shoes and we can help you to find the perfect replacement pair.

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Topics: Health and Safety, Workplace Safety Tips

How to Stop Your Feet from Hurting at Work

Published 23, Aug 2018

You might not realise just how many steps you take when you’re at work. Whether you’re taking orders behind the bar or moving stock in a warehouse, your feet have to deal with a lot. After a long shift, your feet might be aching and sore which can hinder your productivity at work and make you unhappy. From ice buckets to simple exercises, here’s how to stop your feet from hurting at work.

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Topics: Foot Care

The Best Catering Shoes, No Matter What Your Role Is

Published 20, Aug 2018

Whether you’re behind the bar, working hard in the kitchen or supervising everything, you need the right catering shoes. The wrong pair of shoes can make you uncomfortable and lead to aches, pains and general unhappiness. We’ve put together the very best catering shoes, whatever your job role is.

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