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While some were funky and innovative, others were questionable or just downright bizarre. Basically, anything that looked good when photographed - even if it didn't taste good. Here are 10 weird and overrated food trends we're so glad to have left behind in 2017. 




1. Unicorn-inspired Food


Revolution Bars unicorn frappe cocktailImage credit


The unicorn trend inspired everything from desserts to milkshakes, cocktails and bagels. And it wasn't just the quirky little shops doing it either. Big names like Starbucks jumped on the trend, reigning in fans with their unicorn frappuccino. 


But realistically, what purpose does a unicorn-inspired piece of food bring, apart from overdosing your body with sugar and artificial colours? 



2. Activated Charcoal



Last year, activated charcoal was all the rage and we found the stuff in everything - from pizza crusts, cocktails and ice cream to toothpaste and face masks. While it was claimed to boost overall wellness, scientists found it had potentially detrimental effects on health if you consume too much and affects birth control. Plus, it turns everything it touches black.



3. Not Proper Sushi



Tortilla wraps and burger buns were replaced with sushi rice and filled with raw fish, seaweed and teriyaki sauce. Not only is it too messy to eat properly, it was just another trend that looks better than it tastes.


Besides, isn't sushi supposed to be eaten in one bite? 



4. Coloured Burgers



We don't know about you, but we'll be sticking to the usual kind of bread, thanks - even if the above colours aren't supposed to affect the taste. 



5. Cloud Eggs



Health fanatics loved them because they only contained 161 calories but boiled and poached eggs actually have fewer calories (and are much quicker and easier to make). So, we'll just be sticking to the latter. 



6. Vegetable Yoghurts


Waitrose apple carrot beetroot and ginger yoghurt Waitrose kiwi avocado matcha tea yoghurt

Image credit


Designed to be sweet treats that contain less sugar than the usual fruit yoghurts and still allow you to get some of your five a day, this trend turned out to be more of a fad. Waitrose, the UK supermarket, are now one of the few chains that actually stocks them. 



7. Gourmet Fried Chicken



Meat, meat and more meat 🍗 The chicken was particularly delish

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Now we all know that fried chicken is best served hot, cheap and greasy, which is far from earning a Michelin star. So what is this strange hybrid trend that's combined fast food with gourmet? The saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" has never been so appropriate. 



8. Turmeric Lattes



All of the cool kids were tossing ordinary caffeinated drinks aside for turmeric lattes, which was tipped by Google's 2017 Food Trends Report to be a major trend.


It's true - turmeric is packed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, but apart from making for a truly Instagram-worthy picture, what other purpose does a turmeric latte serve? Turmeric is still an awesome ingredient so let's go back to cooking with it and drinking ordinary brown lattes with pretty designs on top.



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We've also scoured the top sources for what are sure to be this year's top trends. We've looked at what's proving to be popular, what's going to be here to stay and what's fad that might still be worth getting involved with.


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