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Guest satisfaction is huge in the hospitality industry. From improving your amenities to providing excellent customer service, here's how to help your guests have a better experience before, after and during their stay. These guidelines are really simple and shouldn’t be too much hassle implementing them into your day-to-day routine in the hotel.



  • Quick Response to Enquiries

  • Manage Guest Expectations Realistically

  • Keep Training to a High Standard

  • Utilise Guest Feedback

  • Make Guests Feel Welcome and Safe

  • Dress to Impress


Quick Response to Enquiries


Guests can enquire in many ways thanks to the advancement of technology. Phone calls, emails, social media and even third-party websites are all efficient ways of reaching a hotel of choice with an enquiry.

As the market is extremely competitive, it’s important to reply to your enquiries quickly. If a guest is waiting for a long time, they’re likely to opt to stay with a competitor.


Also, quick responses are an example of good customer service. So, if you respond quickly, there’s a higher possibility that not only will they opt to book a room at your place, but they’ll also recommend the good service to their friends and family.


Manage Guest Expectations Realistically


Don’t sell your potential customers a dream if you can’t follow through with it. If a guest reads online that you’ve got state-of-the-art facilities and a boutique shopping mall within the hotel and then they turn up to none of the above, the chances are they aren’t going to be pleased and you can expect a complaint coming your way.

The trick is to realistically manage your guests' expectations from the start. Nobody likes false promises so don’t sell them a dream if you can’t back it up with your facilities.


Keep Training to a High Standard


If your staff are all trained to a high standard, then the chances of them more than just doing their job right will increase. If they’re going above and beyond for the guests, then they’ll be keeping them happy sweet which is no doubt going to have a great impact on the customer satisfaction rates.

It’s not just training that staff need to work at a high standard though either. They need to be comfortable within the hospitality environment, a customer-facing role and working within a team too to really get the most out of the job and delight the guests.


Utilise Guest Feedback


Keep building on what you’re doing well and learn from your mistakes that guest feedback surveys flag up. The chance for feedback allows guests to be honest about their stay at your hotel and gives you the opportunity to make smarter business decisions in order to keep guests happy at all times.


Make Guests Feel Welcome and Safe


This is a minimum requirement for guest satisfaction. Quite simply, if you’re not feeling safe or welcomed, there’s a high chance that you’re definitely not going to be satisfied with your stay. So, ensure that staff know how to greet the guests, talk to them and are professional at all times.

Plus, guests may be travelling with families and if they feel as though their family aren’t safe, there’s a good chance that they’ll either check out, leave and ask for a full refund.


To make sure you’re not losing out on revenue and risking a terrible reputation, make sure that they’re always felt welcomed and safe.


Dress to Impress


It’s all about creating that good first impression and a lot of first impressions are centered around staff uniform. If your staff are kitted out in the wrong uniform, it can look foolish and seriously unprofessional.


Imagine if you were greeted at the front desk by somebody in tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. How bad would that look?

From your staff’s uniform shirt right down to the shoes that they wear, everything has to be perfect. Not only does it have to be stylish and look good, but it should also be comfortable and practical so your staff to do their jobs right.


Reese is the perfect shoe to make a lasting, professional impression on your guests. This flat ballerina-style shoe is sophisticated and versatile, meaning that it'll definitely go with the majority of hotel staff uniforms. For men, Executive Wing Tip III is the perfect mix of style and safety that will leave guests impressed while keeping you going about your busy shift.




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Ready to Learn More About Always Delighting Your Customers


The best way to keep guest satisfaction rates on the up is by always delighting your guests. There are various ways for you to do this, but if you’re not sure, download our all-in-one guide below and take the first steps towards keeping your guests happy at all times.

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