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When you're working in the healthcare industry, you're expected to work long hours on a daily basis. Along with drinking plenty of coffee, one of the best ways to survive the long shifts is to make sure you're wearing suitable shoes for work. Although you might prefer wearing your favourite trainers, they don't offer the same benefits as nursing shoes.  



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1. Supports your feet

2. Comfortable for long shifts 

3. Heel protection

4. Slip resistance

The benefits of comfortable nurse shoes

Whilst you might be tempted to just buy any type of comfortable shoes for work: see the benefits of investing in a pair of nurse shoes.



1. Supports your feet

Wearing flat shoes with no arch support can be very detrimental to the health of your feet. Your feet have a natural arch that needs to be supported. When wearing uncomfortable shoes, your body suffers the consequences. 


As the majority of your shift demands you to be on your feet for most of the time, you're putting lots of strain on your feet. Exposing your feet to excess strain makes you vulnerable to chronic foot pain conditions, like, plantar fasciitis.  


Comfortable nursing shoes have strong arch support. They are designed to support nurses who are working over 40 hours a week.  


Falcon II White Women

Condor Women (27041) has cushioned padded interior for extra comfort 



2. Comfortable for long shifts 

You can tell when you're wearing a pair of cheap shoes. They look good on the outside but on the interior, you can feel the lack of cushion. Wearing shoes with no cushioned insoles can cause blisters and foot sores. 


As a nurse, you're regularly expected to work long shifts. It's important you wear nurse shoes with cushioned insoles as they help protect the health of your feet. 



3. Heel protection

How many steps do you walk a day? If you're doing daily rounds of a hospital, you could be doing at least 15,000 steps at work. Multiply that figure by 5... that's a lot of walking. 


Whilst it's good for your health to be active, excessive activity can cause repetitive strain to your heels. Heel pain is a common foot condition but as a nurse, you can't afford to take time off work when your feet are causing you problems. The best way to protect your heels is to wear nurse shoes with heel protection as they offer the best comfort and support.

Vitality 2

Vitality II lightweight work shoes with SFC slip-resistance outsole and TripGuard.


4. Slip resistance

Many shoes have inadequate slip resistance. If you look at the tread of your shoes, you'll be able to tell how much grip your shoes have. At work, it's important you have slip resistant shoes. You can't afford to slip or fall when you're in the middle of a medical emergency.


At Shoes For Crews (Europe) Ltd. all of our healthcare shoes are designed with our SFC Slip Resistant Technology to effectively reduce the chance of slipping at work. 



Buy comfortable nurse shoes to improve life at work

Comfortable nursing shoes offer comfort and support for every area of your feet, and provide protection against foot injuries that can cause you extra stress at work. Visit our shop to see the range of healthcare shoes we have available:







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