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The travel industry is booming. Not only has it become fashionable to travel, but posting it all over social media is becoming increasingly popular too. Many people use platforms, such as Instagram, to take inspiration and come up with their latest travel plans - which is precisely why hotels should be taking advantage of social media to catch the eyes of their potential guests.




We’ve taken a look at some of the hottest hotels on social media and outlined our key takeaways that you can implement into your own social media marketing campaigns in the future.


We'll cover: 


Showcase Good Reviews


Five-star reviews are certainly something to be proud of, so it’s well worth shouting about them. After all, word of mouth and customer testimonials go a long way, especially in the hotel industry.

Plus, thanks to buyer behaviour adapting with technological advancements, people consult social media pages before booking their stay with you. A public example of good customer service and top reviews is a great way of promoting your hotel.

A great place for hotels to showcase their good reviews is directly on their Facebook page for each viewer to see. It shows that the hotel is worth visiting - which could be that convincing factor people need to actually book a room at your amazing hotel.


Create a Recognisable Feed 


A recognisable feed is a superb way of not only catching your potential customers’ eyes, but also living long in their memory too. If you can create a personality (without overdoing it) or design your posts in a recognisable way, then you’re going to get much more traffic to your channels.

A recognisable feed is important as it's easily recognisable by your followers and other users, allowing them to instantly identify which account the post has come from.

There are hundreds of thousands of hotels on social media so, to avoid yours being lost in the deep sea of others, you’re going to have to do something different. That being said, don’t go too far and risk losing any brand identity or consistency. It’s all about finding the right balance.


Worthwhile Promotions


Twitter is a great place to share various promotions that are currently offering. It could be a seasonal trip for two that’s too good of a price to turn down or even a competition to win a spa day.

A successful hotel should tweet plenty of promotions regarding their packages, which engage visitors to follow the link to their website or share the deal with their friends. By doing this, users are extending the intended reach of the tweet without you even having to lift a finger.


Have a Designated Hashtag


One great tactic we’ve found is hotels branding their Instagram page as a place for guests and visitors to share their personal experiences during their stay. They encourage guests to post their pictures using a personalised hashtag in order to create a buzz around their hotels from all over the world.

This is something that any hotel can do and if there’s enough buzz created around your hashtag, your hotel will gain a vital brand awareness boost that can surely do no harm.


Delight Your Guests Before, During and After Your Stay


Owning an exciting and engaging social media platform is just one way that you can ensure that potential and previous guests are more likely to be delighted with you. But it isn’t the only way. There are plenty of other actions you can take in order to ensure that guests are always 100 percent satisfied before, during and after their stay.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure. We’ve put together a free eBook outlining all the different ways in which you can ensure your guests have the best possible experience.


Download it below.

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