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Having an efficient housekeeping team and a smoothly run establishment is key to a successful hotel. The cleanliness of the rooms and the politeness of the staff will impact how guests review your hotel in future. Here are some of the most common housekeeping issues that impact hotel profits with advice on how to avoid them.


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1. Low quality furnishings

Using low quality furniture can really damage your profits. Their appearance will decline faster and they are more likely to break more often. Having to buy replacement furniture will eat into your profits, especially if you have to buy on a regular basis. Do your research and buy furniture that is designed for the right purpose. When buying from some suppliers, you can sometimes negotiate a cheaper deal if you buy in bulk. 


2. Broken lights

Broken lights, electrical switches or appliances can be really frustrating for guests. If they become a constant problem, they can deter people from returning to your hotel which will end up impacting your profits. 


Housekeeping must perform weekly checks to ensure all electricals are working properly. There will be times when guests will come across a bulb that needs to be replaced but by having regular checks you can reduce the chance of guests suffering an inconvenience. 


Also, ensure your electrical stocks are maintained by a reliable supplier. Low quality and ineffective bulbs and electrical equipment will save you money at first but they will cause more financial problems down the road.



3. Damp patches

Damp patches on the walls or on the carpet will suggest to guests that the hotel is not being well maintained. They look unsightly and when guests have spent their hard-earned money on a room, they don't expect to be in a room that looks unacceptable. 


In some cases, some damp patches will come out of nowhere but to help avoid any unwanted surprises, all housekeeping staff must check rooms thoroughly (and this can be done when tidying). If any damp spots or cracks appear, they must be noted and fixed as soon as possible. Guests should be moved to an alternative room if their room is suitable. 



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4. Hair in the bath or on the floor

A clear sign a room has been insufficiently cleaned is the sight of hair in the bath or on the floor. Over time, some employees may try to take shortcuts by not hoovering or sweeping up. To avoid these type of housekeeping issues, make sure all your staff have plenty of time to tidy each room. Shortcuts are often made because they don't have enough time to complete their work. And also make random checks every week to ensure all your staff work to a high standard every time. 



5. Rubbish under the bed

One of the first places, most guests look upon arrival is under their bed. So, it's important this space is not ignored when it comes to cleaning. Any remainder rubbish suggests the staff have made minimal effort in tidying. 


By making random checks you can ensure all staff make the effort to tidy all areas of the room.



6. Fingerprints on windows and mirrors

Fingerprints on any windows and mirrors is a stark reminder that somebody else was recently staying in the same room. For each guest, they want to feel like the room was perfectly made for them. Fingerprints and bits of makeup on mirrors is unhygienic and guests should not have to feel like they should have to clean up their own rooms.



7. Not enough toiletries (paper roll, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc)

It's a common nuisance to arrive in a hotel room that doesn't have the essentials like shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste (especially if it was promised on the website). A lack of toilet paper is another headache. Guests should not have to feel like they have to ration the paper for the entire time they are there. For each room, there should always be at least two rolls of paper each day.


If housekeeping staff are not giving out enough toilet rolls because there is not enough in stock, more should be ordered. 


Do some research to find the best suppliers for your needs. If you're running a luxury hotel, your guests will appreciate high quality luxuries. 



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8. Dust

Nowadays, more hotel guests are meticulous when they inspect their rooms. They expect a high standard. So, if they find any areas covered in dust, they will think housekeeping is cutting corners in their cleaning. Each room should be tidied to a high standard. If you have any rooms that are not used often, you should make sure a housekeeper inspects it and gives it a good wipe down before any new guests arrive so the room is clean and fresh. 




9. Bad manners

Bad mannered staff is one of the most common housekeeping issues that can impact profits. Guests will remember any impolite staff members and will likely tell other people who are looking to book holidays. By checking comments cards and online reviews you will be able to see if there are any complaints about specific members of staff.


If there are many complaints about one staff member, that employee should be spoken to. One bad experience can prompt a guest to book elsewhere in future and deter other people from visiting so all staff must be professional and polite at all times.



10. Housekeeping staff look unprofessional

Along with bad manners, dressing unprofessionally will be mentioned in negative reviews. In most hotels, employees have their own uniform to help ensure they look smart for work. It's the responsibility of the staff to wash and iron their uniforms but you will have to offer replacements when they need to be replaced.


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