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10 common fast food manager interview questions (and answers)

Posted by Shoes For Crews Europe on 30-Jan-2017 11:47:00

Preparing for an interview? To show your interviewer you're the perfect candidate, you need to have answers prepared so you can impress them and increase your chances of winning the job. Fast food manager jobs are competitive, it's important you take the time to prepare and practice what you're going to say. Here are some of the most common fast food manager interview questions (with example answers). 


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1. How long have you worked in the fast food industry?

When you're applying for a manager position at a fast food restaurant, it's expected you will have some experience working in fast food. Your interviewer will want to know what job roles you've worked in and what you've learned.


Example Answer: I worked part-time in McDonalds while studying at college. After I finished my college exams, I decided to work full-time as a crew member. I have over three years of work experience and during this time I've gained experience working in all areas of the restaurant.



2. What responsibilities do you think are involved in this position?

Just like with any interview, the interviewer will want to know if you really understand the duties and responsibilities of being a fast food manager. Before the interview, read the job spec and memorise what responsibilities are involved.


Example Answer: I understand the manager has many responsibilities. They are responsible for checking food stocks and ordering more ingredients when stocks are low. They manage the team and organise work rotas. They will usually hire new crew members when new staff are needed, they will sometimes provide training to the new starters or that responsibility will go to the crew trainer. Overall, the manager is in charge of the restaurant, any problems go to them and it's their job to ensure the restaurant runs smoothly.



3. Why are you interested in this job?

Please refrain from saying you're only applying because you're interested in the higher pay rise. For this question, your interviewer will be looking for a genuine reason why you were interested in the managerial position. Were you looking for a challenge? Are you hoping to further your career with this fast food company? You can have multiple reasons, just make sure they're genuine.


Example Answer: As I've been working in fast food for a few years now, I'm really interested in developing my career with this company and I think being a manager is the next step. I have experience assisting the manager and with my knowledge of how the restaurant works, I think I have the experience and practical skills to be a good manager. 



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4. What experience do you have leading a team?

This is one of the most common fast food manager interview questions because the manager is the leader of the restaurant team. You will need to have experience leading a team to show you're suitable for this position.


Example Answer: I've worked as a crew member for a few years and there have been some occasions where I've been asked to supervise the new starters. As they're getting used to their new responsibilities, I've been there to give them guidance and direction when they need help. During peak hours, I've been responsible for helping ensure the kitchen runs smoothly.



5. How would you help reduce employee turnover?

Fast food restaurants are known for having a high employee turnover. Many employees see their job as temporary until they find something else. Managers are expected to help reduce the employee turnover in their restaurant.


Example Answer: From the start, I would try to find the best candidates who are interested in staying longer than a few months. I would also make sure to have an 'open door' policy so staff can talk to me when they have problems. I have experience working with a bad manager, so I would learn from their mistakes and ensure I don't repeat them. It's important to be there for your staff and to help create a fun working environment.



6. Being a manager means working longer hours, and some weekends, are you prepared for that?

While fast food managers do get paid more, they're expected to work longer shifts. This will include some late finishes and early starts. The interviewer will be looking for a candidate who understands the responsibilities and demands of being a manager in a fast food restaurant. They will be looking for a person who will be able to fulfil the role for at least 2 years, if you cannot cope with the shifts then this job may not be for you.


Example Answer: From my previous experience working in fast food, I'm accustomed to working long shifts and weekends so it won't be much different working as a manager.



7. How would you help increase table turnover?

The more customers you get through the door, the more profits your restaurant will make. Compared to a dining restaurant, fast food provides the option for customers to take their food away but there are still ways you can help increase table turnover.


Example Answer: I would ensure tables are quickly cleaned when customers have left so there is space for people to sit and especially during peak hours, I would make sure the staff on the cashiers and in the kitchen are working together to fulfil orders. Good management can naturally help table turnover.



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8. Describe a time where you had to deal with an unhappy customer

Managers will be expected to speak with unhappy customers. You may have to intervene and help one of your staff members if a customer has decided to complain to them. Your interviewer will want to hear about your previous experience dealing with a customer and how you handled the situation.


Example Answer: When working as a crew member, I had a customer come up to the counter and complain about their burger. From looking at the burger I knew it had not been made to the correct standard and I explained I would ask for a fresh one to be made. The customer got quite irate and started to swear, I kept my cool and gave them the new burger. It wasn't nice because the customer acted like it was my fault but I just apologised, acted professionally and had a replacement burger made.



9. What previous work experience do you have in customer service?

When you're working as a fast food manager, you'll be working with customers on a regular basis. Your interviewer may want to know what other experience you have working in customer service. If you don't have much experience working in fast food, this is a good opportunity to refer to other relevant work experience.


Example Answer: I have some work experience working as a bartender. I was responsible for making drinks and keeping the bar tidy. What I enjoyed about the experience is I worked directly with customers and I believe this built my confidence. I felt comfortable making small talk with customers. It was important I kept customers happy while their tables were being prepared so they didn't get annoyed about having to wait in the bar.



10. What do you think makes a good leader?

This is a common fast food manager interview question because as a manager, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, and you'll be the leader of the restaurant. All enquiries will come to you and all staff will look to you for guidance and direction.


Example Answer: To be a good leader I think you have to be excellently organised. You're responsible for ensuring everything is in good working order and all staff can do their jobs. All problems need to be solved so productivity is not negatively impacted. I also believe to be a good leader, you have to be a good listener. You need to listen to your team and help them when they're struggling or need advice. If employees think their manager doesn't listen or doesn't care, they will likely leave.



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