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Cleanup on aisle 5. Cleanup on aisle 5! Unwelcome news to any grocery store clerk or cashier. From difficult customers to screaming children to your till not working correctly, a cashier's life isn't always easy. To add insult to injury, what do you do with all of your mental energy as you sit (or stand) around at work waiting for customers to choose your checkout? You can't read or play on your phone so how do you amuse yourself? We're here to help!


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Hone your people skills

Keep your mind occupied

Create challenges with your coworkers

Learn about the business

Chat with your coworkers


When you're waiting to help customers the tasks you can engage in can be limited, so how do you occupy your active mind and keep learning? Once you understand your job role inside out, you may want to maintain your learning and engagement by considering these tips on how to make work fun as a cashier. 


Hone your people skills

Try engaging with your customers. Regulars will be happy you remembered them and enjoy a chat; others might be a little annoyed at you trying to engage them in conversation, but if you can make small talk and chat at your cashier job, it'll serve you well down the line.


Keep your mind occupied

Try and memorise product codes and touch-typing the SKU or barcode number. The memorisation will increase your memory capacity. If you're a student, you can consider a problem you need to solve: think about essays you need to write and come up with topics and ideas.


Create challenges with your coworkers

Some cashiers make a game of checking out items. Try decreasing your scan time, or compete with other cashiers at measurable outcomes for small prizes - like a packet of crisps or chocolate or a drink on a night out. Your management team may also incentivise fast work with challenges and games too.


Learn about the business

Ask those on your team or the supervisors more about the moving parts that make your store successful. How do they track inventory? Does cashier scan level determine score success? Knowing more about the company will help you stay invested in your work.


Chat with your coworkers

When there aren't customers around, it's perfectly okay to chat with your fellow coworkers. However, keep in mind that you cannot favour chatting over actually working. If a customer needs help, you must be there to help them. But catching up with coworkers can build bonds and make your time pass more quickly. Many who work as cashiers, enjoy their coworkers even if they find some aspects of their job un-amusing.


Try these tips to make your cashier job more fun. Sure, it may not always be the most exciting job in the world, but you're building up work ethic. Plus, how fun your day is is up to you. Use the time to think and daydream, build bonds, and enjoy the relatively low-stress work - after all, your responsibilities end as soon as your shift does!


How can I stay safe at work as a cashier?

Cashiers are prone to slip, trips, and falls (as well as other injuries), so make sure you're wearing the correct footwear for your industry. You want safe, slip-resistant footwear with added comfort and support.


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Ollie II



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Saloon II





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