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5 best shoes for commis chefs: What you need from your chef shoes

Posted by Shoes For Crews Europe on 15-Jun-2016 10:17:42

Even if you’re a new commis chef about to start your first job or you’ve got a couple of years experience under your toque blanche, you still need the best shoes for work. Working as a chef is great, there is a strong bond between your colleagues and you. And you get to work with food everyday. However, it’s important you wear appropriate footwear to support your feet, especially when you’re on them all day. We’ve picked out the best shoes for commis chefs, to make your search easier.

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As a commis chef, what do I need from my shoes?


Working as a commis chef, you’re expected to assist the rest of the chefs and help with deliveries. Sometimes you will be sent out to collect ingredients. With an active job role, you need slip-resistant shoes to reduce the chance of you suffering slips, trips and falls at work.  


Your shoes need to support your feet. Doing continuous 12 hour shifts puts immense strain on your feet and you can develop Chef’s Foot or other chronic foot conditions (like plantar fasciitis). As a commis chef, you need to look after your feet from the beginning and wear shoes with arch support.


When you’re wearing the same shoes all day, they need to be comfortable, otherwise being at work will feel like a nightmare.


Working in a hot kitchen can damage the appearance of your shoes, your work shoes need to last longer than 3 months (like many unsuitable choices do) to get your money’s worth.


It’s understandable, you don’t want to wear ugly or boring shoes for work.

Good value

You’re a commis chef, you want your shoes to offer value for money.

Best work shoes for commis chefs

We’ve picked out the best shoes for commis chefs that have all the features we have mentioned above. As commis chef is an entry level role into the chef industry, it’s understandable you don’t want to spend most of your wage on work shoes. These slip-resistant shoes are within in your high-street budget and they’ll last longer than your everyday trainers.



1. Old School Low Rider II



One of our most popular styles, Old School’s iconic charm can easily make you mistake it for ordinary shoes. But with its SFC Mighty Grip slip resistant tread, water resistant material and cushioned insoles, these are excellent work shoes for chefs. This style is available in black or white.



2. Falcon II


falcon II black



Falcon II was designed with comfort and style in mind. This is the ultimate comfortable shoe for work: made with genuine leather, cushioned insoles and padded ankle. Falcon has everything you need when working a 12-hour shift: comfort, foot support, water resistant material and an effective slip resistant tread. Also available in white



3. Saratoga


saratoga shoes for crews


Working in a kitchen is messy work. Saratoga is easy to clean and has everything you need when working as a Commis Chef. The cushioned interior and supportive soles gives you all the support you need to reduce the chance of foot pain.

4. SFC Froggz Classic II

froggz classic


SFC Froggz Classic II continues to be a favourite style for chefs. Its no lace hassle and resistance to water and oil makes it perfect for the kitchen environment.


Along with its high safety measures, it's a very comfortable and supportive shoe with self-massaging insoles.

5. Eastside


eastside white shoes for crews


This is another popular style for chefs. Eastside gives you all the support you would need from a pair of running shoes. As a Commis Chef, you never know when you have to go out on a quick errand. Eastside’s lightweight design and slip-resistant grip reduces strain on your ankle and reduces the chance of slip, trips and falls. This style is available in black or white.



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