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The Best Catering Shoes, No Matter What Your Role Is

Posted by Shoes For Crews Europe on 20-Aug-2018 10:26:00

Whether you’re behind the bar, working hard in the kitchen or supervising everything, you need the right catering shoes. The wrong pair of shoes can make you uncomfortable and lead to aches, pains and general unhappiness. We’ve put together the very best catering shoes, whatever your job role is.


best shoes for behind a bar

  • Managers
  • Waiters and Waitresses
  • Chefs
  • Bar Staff
  • Kitchen Staff

Managers and Supervisors

Managers and supervisors need the right catering shoes just as much as chefs or waiters do. You might be stressed and on your feet all day, making sure everything is running smoothly and the last thing you’ll want to be worrying about is sore feet.

For women, we’d recommend Envy III. This shoe is as stylish as it is comfortable, providing all the support you need thanks to its performance athletic insole.


For male managers, we’d recommend Executive Wing Tip III. Whatever the day throws at you, you’ll be safe and comfortable thanks to this shoe’s leather upper and water-resistant material.

 exec wing tipIII


Waiters and Waitresses

When working as a waiter or waitress for a restaurant or catering business, there are a lot of different hazards to think about. You’ll be moving between different surfaces at speed whilst carrying plates, speaking to customers and remembering orders.

The most common issue that waiters face is falling due to slippery surfaces caused by food, water, oil or grease. Waiters need shoes that will keep them on their feet, allowing them to do their job without having to worry.

For waitresses, discover Reese, a shoe that’s CE and OB Certified which shows how effective they are at preventing slips, trips and falls. The tapered toe decreases the chance of tripping as you move between different floor types.



For waiters, we recommend Venice. Slip and water resistant, this shoe is comfortable, durable and stylish. It’ll keep you safe during even the busiest of shifts.




You’re on your feet all day and there are hazards all over the kitchen to think about like dropped knives, boiling liquids and dangerous spills. In addition to comfort and slip-resistance, it’s important that your shoes are easy to clean. Dirty shoes are not only unprofessional, but they help to expose unwanted bacteria to food.

Cater II is perfect for male or female chefs who need shoes that are practical, comfortable and easy to clean. Offering a natural fit, coated leather upper and a removable cushioned insole, Cater II can handle anything a busy kitchen might throw at it.



Again, for both men and women, we’d recommend Bloodstone. Comfortable, water-resistant and OB certified, you can easily wipe these shoes to keep them clean and kitchen-ready. Not only that, but the TripGuard prevents unwanted falls as you move about the kitchen.



Bar Staff

When working long shifts behind the bar, you need the right pair of shoes to keep you safe and working with a smile. The wrong pair of shoes can lead to aches, pains and slips which can result in you having to take time off and lose money.

Your shoes need to offer support so that you’re comfortable from the start of your shift until the end. Look for shoes with extra cushioning and removable insoles in case you want to use your own.

Spilled drinks and recently cleaned floors present slip hazards that can cause serious injury. Find a pair of shoes that are water and slip-resistant to keep you on your feet at all times.

We’d recommend Old School Low Rider IV for women thanks to its extra cushioning and TripGuard.


old school low rider iv

For men, Nitro II is OB and CE Certified, making them the perfect footwear to prevent slips and falls.



Kitchen Staff

Trying to navigate a busy kitchen can be treacherous so it’s important to have the appropriate footwear. Sharp knives, hot liquids and heavy equipment all pose serious risks to your feet so investing in the right pair of shoes is a must.

You’ll be standing for most of your shift so comfort is a top priority. You might have a stylish pair of shoes you love, but if they leave you feeling sore and in pain at the end of the night, they aren’t right for you. That’s not to say there aren’t stylish shoes available that still offer the comfort and support you need.

Suitable for both men and women, Roma81 are made using coated leather and are slip-resistant, helping to keep your feet comfortable during the day. The steel toe and puncture-resistant footbed keep your feet safe from falling objects and heavy equipment.



Alternatively, Dolce81 are perfect for both male and female kitchen staff. The TripGuard reduces falls as you pass between floor surfaces and the steel toe keeps you safe if any heavy or sharp objects are dropped.




Find the Perfect Pair of Catering Shoes


If you haven’t found the perfect pair of catering shoes for your job role, then have a look at our comprehensive buying guide. It’s packed with useful tips when it comes to choosing a pair of shoes. You’ll need to think about the hazards you face on a day to day basis and which shoes are best suited to protecting you.


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