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It’s always a good idea to freshen things up in the bar to improve the customer experience. It’s even better if you switch things up every season and try out some new bar event ideas to create memorable experiences. If you want something that customers won’t see every day, here are some bar promotional ideas to try this Autumn.




1. Create Seasonal Specials

2. Tournaments

3. Live Music...With a Twist

4. Bartender Faceoff

5. Tasting Experiences

6. Themed Nights


1. Create Seasonal Specials

Let’s start off with something simple, but very effective that can apply to any season. Create seasonal specials that are exclusive for a certain time period. For example, your customers might love when it’s Autumn because you offer special cocktails like apple pie bourbon shots or spiced cider margaritas.


Then when it’s Summer, you can take these off the menu and offer pineapple coladas or rainbow sangrias. By making them exclusive to seasons, you can build more of a buzz around them rather than having them on the menu all-year-round.


2. Tournaments

Autumn is all about cosy nights and you can offer the same indoor experience in the bar. One way of doing this is by hosting annual tournaments. It’s a brilliant way to gain interest ahead of time and keep guests entertained. Plus it’s something they’d look forward to each year.


It can be anything from a poker tournament (if you have space) or bar game Olympics. During these tournaments, it’s the perfect time to promote those Autumn specials which combines two fun experiences.


3. Live Music...With a Twist

Staying with the warm, indoors theme of Autumn, live music always goes down well in a bar. Although, that’s something customers can get in any bar they go to. Instead, why not try an open microphone night? Rather than always booking the same band, give the ‘audience’ the chance to offer entertainment.


They might like the chance to sing or be a comedian for a night. You can even try something different and have other customers vote on a winner and give a free prize like a drink or a t-shirt. This is an experience not every bar would offer.


live musicImage Credit: iHeartBerlin


So, you can be sure that the bar will be full during those usually slower Autumn evenings.


4. Bartender Faceoff

Another good promotional idea to try is to compete against another bartender from your team. Go up against a teammate in front of excited guests to see who can make the best cocktails.


You never know which cocktail you might make which has lots of customers ordering it afterwards. Or if you want to get your customers involved, it could be a good idea to give them a cocktail making masterclass. During the Autumn season, set aside some time so you can teach customers on how to make their favourite drinks.


5. Tasting Experiences

Tasting experiences are another great promotional idea where customers will enjoy being involved. For example, pairing speciality beers and cocktails with a selection of food or desserts. You might even have new drinks that the bar you work in will offer soon.


Offering tasting experiences gives you a good idea on whether the new drinks are a success with customers. For a more cutting-edge promotional idea, think about hosting a tasting session for rare artisan spirits.


tasting experienceImage Credit: Hardens


This is a perfect way to allow customers to try drinks that would usually be out of their price range. By encouraging them to try something new, they might have a new favourite drink and you’ll help create a unique experience for them.


6. Themed Nights

Themed nights are always a lot of fun, especially since customers would love to dress up to be part of the experience and you can offer a tailored menu just for one night. It can be anything from Halloween where you encourage fancy dress to getting in the mood for the return of the Champions League.


Just remember to share it on social media. Customers love to be involved. It’s a good way to build excitement for the next themed night you host and it’s also an easy yet impactful way to promote the bar you work in.


Creating bar promotional ideas isn’t something you should limit to just one season. Try and come up with new ideas for the Summer, Winter and other seasonal holidays. It’s a good way to improve the customer experience and make sure the bar is busier than ever.


Ideas like these are a good way of showing that you stand out from others. This will help you advance in your bartender career but there’s still a lot you need to focus on.


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