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What are the Most Comfortable Safety Shoes for Work?

Published 19, Dec 2019

Safety shoes are designed to protect your feet from the hazards you might encounter at work. That doesn’t mean they have to be uncomfortable. If you’re on your feet for hours at a time, you need to find footwear that keeps your feet safe and comfortable at all times. Here are a few suggestions.

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How to Relax Your Feet After Work

Published 09, Dec 2019

Are your feet sore and uncomfortable after a long shift at work? If you don’t take care of your feet once your shift is over, then you risk developing more serious problems that could potentially stop you from working. To make sure you don’t have to deal with foot pain at work, follow our step-by-step guide. 

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The Different Head Chef Duties You Might Not Know Exist

Published 20, Nov 2019

Whether you’re a kitchen assistant, commis chef or just thinking about becoming one, every role in the kitchen is important to ensure every service runs smoothly. If you’re really passionate and want to progress in your career, then you might be thinking of eventually becoming a head chef.

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What Are the Best Chef Shoes for Long Hours?

Published 02, Nov 2019

Chefs are hard-working, determined and they thrive under pressure. They need to have these traits so they can succeed in hot kitchens during busy shifts. 

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The Best Lightweight Work Shoes From Shoes For Crews

Published 10, Oct 2019

Shoes that keep you safe at work don’t have to be large and heavy, they can be sleek, light and sophisticated but still have lots of features and benefits.


To help protect you from potential hazards in your role, here are the best lightweight work shoes we offer here at Shoes For Crews:

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Topics: Workplace Footwear, Lightweight

The Best Safety Trainers for Any Industry

Published 07, Oct 2019

Slips, trips and falls are the greatest cause of accidents in the workplace. Arguably one of the biggest reasons for this is an inadequate slip-resistant outsole on footwear. This is why it’s important to invest in the shoes you wear to work. Safety footwear is an even better choice than regular work shoes, thanks to additional features such as a steel or composite toe cap to protect you from more hazards.

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What's the Lifespan of Shoes for Crews Footwear?

Published 18, Sep 2019

One of our most asked questions is ‘How long will your shoes last?’. The answer is different for each customer because it depends on the kind of work you’ll be doing.

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Do you know how to increase hotel occupancy?

Published 10, Sep 2019

Occupancy rate is often acknowledged as a popular indicator of a hotel’s success. The general consensus is that the higher your occupancy rate, the better your business. Do you know how to increase your hotel occupancy?

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Topics: hotel promotion, hospitality

6 Bar Promotional Ideas to Try This Autumn

Published 06, Sep 2019

It’s always a good idea to freshen things up in the bar to improve the customer experience. It’s even better if you switch things up every season and try out some new bar event ideas to create memorable experiences. If you want something that customers won’t see every day, here are some bar promotional ideas to try this Autumn.

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Why are People Choosing to Wear Vegan Safety Footwear for Work?

Published 29, Aug 2019

Vegan safety footwear, which is footwear made from synthetic leather and includes steel or composite toe caps that typically protect up to 200 joules,  can be just as protective as traditional leather alternatives. Many people choose to wear them because of their added ethical benefits and the fact that they don’t need to compromise on quality.

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Why Non-Slip Restaurant Shoes Make Your Life Easier

Published 28, Aug 2019

Restaurants are fast-paced environments where everyone, from front of house to the team in the kitchen, needs to be quick on their feet at all times. You need to make sure you prepare for a busy and intense shift in the right way - that starts with your footwear. From comfort to safety, here’s how non-slip restaurant shoes make your life easier.

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Topics: Slip-Resistant Footwear

All About Vegan Safety Shoes: What They Are and How to Find Your Own Pair

Published 26, Aug 2019

Workers are on their feet all day, so they need a pair of durable, good quality shoes. Depending on the individual’s beliefs and preferences, these may also need to be vegan-friendly.

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