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And this little piggy had a spa day: 4 simple ways to treat aching feet

Posted by Shoes For Crews Europe on 28-Aug-2015 13:00:00


Without your feet you have no job. Not literally of course but your feet and toes are your main assets and looking after them is important. After a hard shift it’s easy to put off pampering your little piggies but there are some simple and rewarding ways to treat aching feet that you can do at home.


1) Lift up your feet


Now this is something you can do without actually having to do anything. Remove your socks to first cool your feet. Your feet can ache due to swelling after a long day so raising them whilst sitting down will equalize the gravity and allow blood to exit your lower legs and return to circulation. For added comfort, use pillows to elevate your feet whilst on the sofa, but avoid crossing your legs or ankles, as this will restrict the blood flow.




2) Change your shoes


How are your shoes bearing up? It seems obvious but people tend to forget about changing their shoes. They have a shelf life too. Even serious runners replace their shoes every 350 miles and, believe it or not, three 12-hour shifts a week amount to your feet covering 180 miles a month. So the better the shoe, the longer they’ll last and the comfier your feet will be. Always wear well-ventilated shoes, preferably light in weight and stable enough to suit your job – no six-inch heels! Tie shoes firmly – not too tight to restrict the blood, but you don’t want loose fitting shoes either as this could create lower leg strain and back pain. And finally, late in the day is best to try new shoes. Why? Well it’s proven that this is the time your feet are naturally at their largest, usually due to swelling.



3) Use an insole.


No... not with ‘go faster’ stripes, but with orthotics. If you have flat feet and you obviously spend a great deal of time on your feet, then simple shoe orthotics can make all the difference. Simply put, these are cushioned inserts that support the arch of your foot, whilst also reducing the risk of problems occurring in your ankles, knees and hips.

Insoles for Men

4) Your feet aren’t weight lifters.


Depending on your lifestyle and the amount of convenience foods available, sometimes it can be difficult to lose weight. But if you can, it will help lessen the strain and pressure on your feet and lower legs. For most women, consuming less than 2,000 calories daily will lead to some weight loss every week. Most men will lose weight at under 2,200 calories daily. Simple measures can help such as switching to lean meats and fish, whole grains, fresh produce and lots of water. You’ll see the results – and your feet will feel them.



5) Just add water (and salt).


An Epsom salt bath (hot but not as to scald) sounds glorious even if your feet aren’t tired. Simply soak them for around 30 minutes (any more and the salt will extract fluid from your body) and feel the swelling, pain and muscle tension melt away. If the swelling is particularly apparent, you can follow the warm salt bath with an ice one for about 10-15 minutes. For safety reasons, please dry your feet thoroughly afterwards. We don’t want you slipping after all that pampering do we?


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Have any fantastic tips on ways to treat aching feet? Please share below!