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6 reasons why your hotel staff need slip-resistant shoes

Posted by Shoes For Crews Europe on 26-Feb-2016 13:57:56

Wearing the right shoes for work is incredibly important. When you realise how many hours a week you wear the same pair of work shoes, you'll appreciate how important it is to find the right work shoes for your job role. Hotel staff are expected to be on their feet for long hours and they're expected to look smart, all the time. So, finding the right footwear for your staff is a task you should take time to do. There are many benefits you can enjoy when you've found the best hotel staff shoes for your employees. 


hotel staff need slip-resistant shoes


1) Helps you save money


It's understandable you have to be strict with your monthly budgets. One way you can save money is by buying hotel staff shoes. If you buy cheaper shoes, they won't be made from high quality materials so they won't be durable. Shoes made from full grain leather offer lots of long term benefits for the wearer and for your own pocket.


Having to replace worn out shoes every four months will take a bite out of your profits. Whilst, investing in quality work shoes costs less money in the long run because your staff won't be regularly asking for a replacement pair. 



2) Increases safety


Did you know slips, trips and falls are the most common injuries for employees in service jobs?


Injuries at work can often be avoided if employers put the right precautions in place to keep their staff safe. Ensuring your hotel staff are wearing the right work shoes can help keep them on their feet. Wearing slip resistant work shoes is the best way to help reduce slips, trips and falls.


In Great Britain, injuries at work cost employers £2.8 million! (check out the stats!)


venice black men 


3) Makes your staff look professional

Hotel guests can be quite judgmental in nature. They're paying to stay in your establishment and when they leave, they'll likely have their own personal opinions about your hotel (which they might share on TripAdvisor). The attitude and appearance of your staff makes a major impression on your guests. You can see for yourself on trip review sites - how often do reviewers comment on the employees?


Along with having professional manners, t's important your staff are always smartly dressed. From head to toe, they should wear the correct uniform and footwear. Hotel staff shoes are smart shoes that are easy to maintain and polish so they look professional everyday.



4) Offers extra comfort

How often have you finished work and had aching feet? 


Getting sore feet or a bad back after a shift can be caused by wearing the wrong shoes. Shoes that don't have suitable arch support can be detrimental to the health of your feet and can even cause long term health problems. 


As the design structure of your work shoes can have a major impact on your feet, it's important your staff are wearing the best work shoes: so they are able to work comfortably without putting any unnecessary stress on their feet.




5) Benefits staff morale

When employees feel like their manager/boss has gone the extra mile to secure their safety and comfort at work, they'll appreciate it. 


One of the best ways to improve staff morale is to meet the needs and wants of your employees. If they talk to you about any concerns they have, it's beneficial if you listen and try to give a solution. Employers who actively improve working conditions for their staff will reap the benefits afterwards.


You can improve morale by giving your staff clothes and footwear that are designed to support and protect them whilst they work.



6) Improves work performance

reception.jpgsource: traveldailynews


When your hotel staff are wearing shoes that improve their safety, increase their comfort and look smart; your staff will naturally work harder. Shoes play an important role in our daily lives (even though we might not always realise it). Wearing a bad pair can be harmful to your health and make it difficult to concentrate on daily tasks and responsibilities. 


You can tell the difference in your work performance when you're not being distracted by your shoes or your sore back. 




Learn how you can improve your employees' performance at work 

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