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Working as a waitress is very time consuming. Because you're working long hours, it's easier to buy food that you can eat on-the-go. Often you can find yourself having to eat your dinner quickly on your 15 minute break or because of your awkward shift patterns you have to eat on your way to work. Here are the best on-the-go food options for busy waitresses.


Untitled design (28)Buying quick to eat food can usually mean quickly popping into the closest fast food restaurant or resorting to a packet of crisps. Whilst that can be a tasty treat, it's not exactly a healthy alternative. You might not have the luxury to sit and eat but you can at least have a meal that is delicious AND healthy. 


1) Pepper and Lime Chicken Wrap 

2) Pepperoni Pasta Box

3) Roast Beef Sandwich

4) Turkey Salad Pot

5) Mixed Berry Smoothie

6) Need a snack? Try Mixed Nuts


Best On-The-Go Food for On-The-Go People

1) Pepper and Lime Chicken Wrap 

healthy chicken wrap 

Chicken delivers a high load of protein and is an excellent central ingredient for any meal on-the-go.


Get yourself some tortilla wraps and then cook some chopped pieces of chicken breasts. Make a salad, with lettuce, cucumber, pepper and onion. Before you wrap, get a segment of lime and squeeze the juice onto the chicken. Fold your wrap and then voila! Lime and Pepper Chicken Wrap. What's great about making a wrap is they're easy to eat whilst on your way to work. 


2) Pepperoni Pasta Box

pepperoni salad


Create your own pasta box, this can be tastier and even cheaper than buying one from the shop on the way to work. Pasta boxes are ideal for eating on the go or if you need to eat quickly on the bus.


Pepperoni is an excellent source of protein and pasta is a slow energy burner for when you've got that late shift ahead.

Along with the pasta (go wholegrain if you want to make a healthier option), add broccoli, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and some parmesan. 


3) Roast Beef Sandwich

beef sandwich


A sandwich is a popular go-to option when finding something to eat on-the-go. Some sandwiches can be filled with hidden salts and sugars, especially if you buy from a shop. 


Making your own sandwiches for the entire week can cost the same than treating yourself to the deli around the corner. As beef is another natural source of high proteins, it'll keep you going. Get brown or white bread, some roast beef slices, your choice of salad and finish off with a dollop of mayo. 


4) Turkey Salad Pot

turkey salad


Want to have a healthy meal? Then you can't beat a salad.


Get a sealable pot to avoid any accidentally leaks. What's great with a salad is you can choose a selection of different vegetables. Cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, onion, celery, beetroot, sweetcorn and more. Just like chicken, turkey is another excellent source of protein. Finally add a little dressing for extra flavour. 


5) Mixed Berry Smoothie

mixed berry smoothie


Smoothies are perfect for snacks or a small meal during your break as they can be poured into a sealable flask. 


To make a mixed berry smoothie, get 1 cup of mixed berry and 1 chopped banana.  Then 1/2 cup of (low fat) vanilla yogurt and 1/4 cup of orange juice. Pop these ingredients into a blender until smooth. 


Want an added hit of protein? Add in some Spirinula powder, but be aware this will turn your smoothie bright green!


6) Need a snack? Try Mixed Nuts

mixed nuts


Mixed nuts (or trail mix) is a popular snack for people on-the-go. Filled with protein, these are a healthy snack. Avoid eating nuts that are roasted in oil or packaged with salt because they can have lots of hidden calories. Almonds, cashews and pistachios are the lowest calorie nuts. Remember to eat nuts as part of a healthy diet, eating too much of one type of food can be detrimental to your diet.


What's ideal for nuts as an on-the-go snack is you can put them in your bag as an emergency pack as they have a long expiration date. 


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