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Make this spring season more exciting by including innovative, fuss-free starters on your menu. Try a twist on seasonal ingredients, and invigorate your customers with light, refreshing food that can be enjoyed at the beginning of a meal or as a refreshment with cocktails, tapas style. 

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1. Herby Tabouleh with Smoked Duck Breast

2. Fennel and Orange Salad with Red Onion and Olives

3. Poached Duck Egg with English Asparagus, Cured Ham, and Grain Mustard Dressing 

4. Devils on Horseback 

5. Malasian Grilled Aubergine with Sweet Soy Sauce 

1. Herby Tabouleh with Smoked Duck Breast

Whilst most restaurants focus on lamb dishes for Spring, why not try duck? This spin on a Mediterranean grain (tabouleh), paired with the smoked duck breast adds a unique freshness - perfect for the crispness of the Spring air.


The lemon juice, parsley, mint, and spicy cinnamon are a surprising way to add unique flavours to a staid menu. 



 Photo Credit: Hockley Photography 


If you'd like to read the full recipe, click here


2. Fennel and Orange Salad with Red Onion and Olives

For your vegan and gluten-free customers, try a simple fennel and naval orange salad, dressed with red onions and cured black olives. Fennel is an often ignored salad vegetable with its star anise-like fronds, and harmonises well with the juicy sweetness of the segmented oranges.


The cured black olives add a salty tang too.



fennel and orange salad
Photo Credit: Yulia

Click here to create this dish

3. Poached Duck Egg with English Asparagus, Cured Ham, and Grain Mustard Dressing 

It's asparagus season throughout Europe, so experiment by using this fresh, Spring vegetable in your starter menu this season.


The really adventurous can try white asparagus!


Poached duck egg with mustard sauce pairs surprisingly well. The flavours of the tangy, vinegar-y mustard marry well with the texture of the cured ham. Add the al dente asparagus to create a dish that will have your customers coming back for more. 


poached duck egg

Photo Credit: sun_n_alex


Go to this link for the full method. 


4. Devils on Horseback 

Even though Devils on Horseback are often seen as a canape, they can make a delicious light starter.


Seen mostly in the home-cook's kitchen, they're a surprising restaurant dish, sure to excite the taste buds of restaurant goers. The texture of the blanched almonds agrees with the soft stickiness of the prunes, and the salty bacon. These small bites are easy to share, so give it a go! 


devils on horseback

Photo Credit: Bon Eats


To make these delicacies, visit this link


5. Malasian Grilled Aubergine with Sweet Soy Sauce 

East Asian dishes are all the rage in restaurants this year; however, Malay inspired dishes are a contemporary concept, especially for an seasonal menu. This warm salad is certain to be a hit.


With an Asian flavour profile of chilies, spring onions, warming ginger, ketjap manis (sweet soy sauce), and a hint of lime, you'll take your customers on an umami taste journey with the combination of sweet/salty/sour/bitter - a perfect match. 



Photo Credit: Robin

To enjoy this recipe, go here



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