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We're OFFICIALLY one of the best slip-resistant shoes

Published 17, Dec 2018

When choosing work footwear, safety should be paramount. Our slip resistant footwear provides a grip which can help prevent slips and falls due to spillages, excess moisture, uneven flooring and changes in flooring types. Considering not only the cost impact but the lost time accidents cause businesses' everyday, choosing the right footwear for your industry is crucial.

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Topics: Footwear Innovation, Workplace Footwear

Why Should Chefs Wear Clogs?

Published 30, Oct 2018

You’ve always worn trainers at work, but the other chefs and kitchen staff all choose to wear clogs, even though you’ve not yet seen the benefits. A busy kitchen can be a hazardous place to work, so it’s vital you’re wearing the right protective clothing. So, why should chefs wear clogs and what should you keep in mind when finding the perfect pair?

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Topics: Chef

How to Greet a Customer in a Fast Food Restaurant

Published 18, Oct 2018

“Can I take your order please?”. If you work in a fast food restaurant, you’ll be dealing with hundreds of customers each day, either behind the counter or via the drive-through. Even though visitors expect a speedy service, you’ll still need to show the same levels of customer service as if it was a five-star restaurant. Here’s how to greet a customer in a fast food restaurant.

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Topics: Hospitality Skills

8 Telltale Signs That it’s Time to Update Your Kitchen Safety Rules

Published 15, Oct 2018

According to Statista, the European restaurant and food service industry is booming, with eating out being one of the most popular leisure activities. But for the industry to keep succeeding, specific kitchen safety rules must be followed as the main cause of accidents in restaurants is an unsafe work environment. Here are eight obvious signs that it’s time to update the safety rules in your kitchen and how to go about it.

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Topics: Health and Safety, Workplace Safety Tips

The Best Fast Food Shoes Have these 5 Features

Published 04, Oct 2018

There are plenty of hazards in a busy fast food restaurants. Spilled drinks, oily puddles and sharp utensils are just some of the factors that can cause an accident. That’s why you should wear proper fast food shoes. But not all footwear is suitable. Here are five features you need to look out for.


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Why Your Team Needs Hospitality Shoes (And How to Choose Them)

Published 28, Sep 2018

Slip-resistant hospitality shoes are a must have for your employees. Without the right protective footwear, your staff are vulnerable to an accident in the workplace that could hit your business harder than you might think. These are the main reasons why your team needs protective footwear and how you can make sure you’re choosing the right ones.

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Topics: Waiter / Waitress, Manager, Entertainment Staff

How to Clean a Greasy Restaurant Kitchen Floor

Published 24, Sep 2018

Your restaurant kitchen goes through a lot in a day. Your staff dashing about all over it, drinks and condiments spillages and food debris contribute to the main mess. Your floor is a habitat for so much bacteria so it’s important that you give it a thorough daily clean. After all, restaurant kitchen floors are notoriously greasy, so the more you can keep on top of it, the better.

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What Type of Shoes Should Be Worn in a Kitchen?

Published 20, Sep 2018

Industry-specific shoes are often overlooked when it comes to the kitchen. People often complain about how expensive they are or whether they actually need them. These shoes are designed to keep you safe and comfortable in a workplace where there are hazards around every corner so they’re essential for any kitchen worker. Still not convinced? Read on to find out more about what type of shoes should be worn in a kitchen.

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Topics: Chef

Guide to Buying Catering Footwear: Tips, Budget and Safety

Published 18, Sep 2018

Often when you think of catering equipment, you think of serving trays or a bain marie. Well, specific catering footwear is just as important as any of your other required equipment. Not only are they a necessity to keep you comfortable when on your feet for long periods of time but they keep you safe from the various hazards and help you look professional.

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What Kind of Shoes do Bartenders Wear?

Published 16, Sep 2018

It doesn’t matter if it’s a luxury wine bar or a student night at a music venue, bartenders all face long periods of time on their feet. It isn’t just the hours, you’ll have to deal with other members of staff and regular spills. If you’re new to bar work, it’s useful to know exactly what kind of shoes bartenders wear.


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