SFCE Visits Dikamar

Published 31, May 2018





SFCE visited our Wellington producer’s, Dikamar, last week in Portugal to see first-hand the rigorous production and quality control process that our wellingtons go through. The SFCE team got to experience everything from the uncompromising supplier selection of the raw materials, right through to the strict and meticulous forms of quality control each boot goes through. Dikamar's high quality control standards ensure that each and every pair of our wellingtons pass through 7 pairs of hands before the final product is ready.

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How to Plan and Write a Shoe Safety Policy for Your Business

Published 12, May 2018

Safe footwear is crucial in any industry, as they can protect staff from a number of different hazards. It doesn’t matter if you’re a chef, a butcher or even a theme park assistant, safe footwear is a necessity and you need to ensure that your business has a safety policy in place to help protect your employees from injuries.


Not everyone knows how to implement these policies though, so here’s how to plan and write a safety shoe policy for your business.

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How To Pick the Perfect Hotel Shoes for Your Staff

Published 22, Mar 2018

Your staff are the face of your hotel. They're responsible for the guests' experience and a great way to fuel their motivation is to prioritise their comfort and safety. Take careful consideration of which hotel shoes you purchase for your staff. Here's how to pick the perfect pair.

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Barista Job Skills: What Do I Actually Need?

Published 20, Dec 2017

The guys over at Starbucks and Costa make it look easy, don't they? They might look like they're making a simple cup of coffee, but then they turn around and hand over the most glorious Grande, sugar-free, extra shot vanilla latte with soya milk you've ever seen. Even if you're not familiar with all the variations the old cup of coffee can be turned into, there are a particular set of skills you're going to need to keep your customers well caffeinated at all times. Here are the most important barista job skills you need.

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How to train staff on good customer service: Tips for managers

Published 09, Nov 2017

It doesn’t matter what type of establishment you’re in; whether it’s a hotel, supermarket or a restaurant, the impression the staff you’ve employed leave on the customers determines whether they’ll be returning, or whether they’ll be taking their business elsewhere. Essentially, the staff on the floor are the face of the brand and customers rely on them to receive assistance whenever they need it, so here’s how to train staff on good customer service: tips for managers.

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Mixologist vs Bartender: What’s The Difference?

Published 08, Nov 2017

Customers on the other side of the bar probably can’t tell the difference between a mixologist or a bartender - or some of them don’t even know a mixologist is a thing. Either way, they’re getting their well-crafted drinks served to them to help them enjoy their night out. Little do they know that there’s a major difference between the pair. With both terms being thrown around so frequently, which route should you take if you’re wanting to work behind the bar? So, let the battle commence. Mixologist vs bartender: what’s the difference?

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6 Restaurant Lighting Tips For Managers

Published 19, Oct 2017

Your restaurant could have it all: delicious food, amazing service and every table styled to the finest detail. However, it’d all be futile if your restaurant doesn’t possess the best lighting possible. In fact, lighting is key in creating any atmosphere or mood, and is vital when you are trying to entice potential customers. So, here are 6 restaurant lighting tips for managers to make your establishment shine!

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Etiquette, Dress Codes and more: 6 Useful Receptionist Tips

Published 17, Oct 2017

Being the receptionist in the hotel means you’re the face of the brand. You’re the first person the guests see when they walk in, and the last when they leave and, if you present yourself well and go out of your way to help, then you’re only increasing the reputation of the brand, so here are 6 useful receptionist tips.

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5 of the latest hotel technology trends

Published 06, Oct 2017

One of the many reasons why the hospitality industry is booming is because of how establishments are able to incorporate the latest technology to improve the quality of their guest’s stays. Now, simply turning up to a hotel, checking in, sleeping, and then leaving in the morning is almost non-existent. The inclusion of technology is what improves the overall experience, so here are 5 of the latest hotel technology trends.

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5 of the Most Comfortable Fast-Food Staff Shoes

Published 04, Oct 2017

When you work in fast-food between cooking the food, working the drive-through window, or front-facing on the cash register, you know you’ll be on your feet all day long, and that can be absolutely exhausting. Whilst those who work in fast-food may be susceptible to cashier wrist pain and other injuries - not to mention having to deal with tough customers - the last thing you need is back and joint pain from wearing incorrect shoes. Many who work in fast-food may not know that there are speciality shoes designed with your industry in mind. 



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