Top New Chefs to Watch in the Rest of This Year

Published 30, May 2018


Want to know which young or upcoming chefs are climbing to the top of the tree this year? We can help. Here are five new chefs from around Europe who we’re certain will be at the top of the game in no time.

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Cold Brew and Beyond: 7 Coffee Trends to Look Into

Published 29, May 2018



Coffee is a fundamental part of foodie culture around the world. And, over the past few years, the coffee industry has evolved majorly for a variety of reasons. It’s important to keep on top of new trends, so you can cash in on what’s newly popular. Here are some general trends that we’ve noticed in the coffee industry as well as some specific things to look out for and try in your restaurant or cafe. On the whole, coffee is getting cooler...

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Motivating Your Kitchen in Six Steps: Getting Team Buy In

Published 25, May 2018

The secret to success in any business is to keep your staff happy and motivated. After all, they're your most valuable asset. A prime example of this is the restaurant industry. Here are six simple steps on how to keep your kitchen staff upbeat and motivated. How many are you currently following? 

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6 Awesome Bakery Trends of 2018 That We Love

Published 24, May 2018

Health kicks might come and go, but one thing that'll never go out of style is dessert. From exotic doughnuts and new wave cookies to boozy cakes, here are six amazing bakery trends of 2018 that we can't get enough of.

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7 Famous Chefs' Guilty Pleasures: Can You Relate?

Published 23, May 2018


If you're whipping up mouth-watering dishes for a living, then surely you wouldn't be tempted by the likes of junk food and takeaways, right? But as it turns out, the guilty pleasures of top chefs sound just like ours. From M&Ms to processed meat, here's what seven chefs actually tuck into when they fancy a treat. How many can you relate to?

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Hotel Customer Feedback Management Systems: 5 Platforms To Try

Published 22, May 2018

When it comes to your hotel, the aim is to have every room booked and the only way that can happen is if the customers are happy. That's why many hotels are beginning to utilise customer feedback tools to track what's being said about them. Here are five hotel customer feedback management systems you need to try.

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Essential Restaurant KPIs You Should Use To Measure Success

Published 18, May 2018

Making a profit in the restaurant industry (or any industry, for that matter) isn’t easy - you’ll know that already. Although an OpenTable survey found that people in the UK spend 25 percent of their annual income dining out and eat out an average of 1.5 times a week, maintaining a positive profit margin on a consistent basis can still be challenging. Here are some of the key performance indicators (KPIs) restaurant managers and owners should keep an eye on.

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Chef Safety Shoes: Our Top 5 Picks For 2018

Published 17, May 2018

While working long shifts, the last thing you need is sore feet because you're not wearing the appropriate safety shoes. Leave that in the past - 2018 is a fresh start with newer styles and slip resistant sole technology available for you to choose from. Here are our top five picks for chef safety shoes in 2018.

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Are Chefs Overworked?

Published 16, May 2018

Chefs are notorious for working between 50 and 70 hours a week, often on weekends and evenings with shifts lasting an average of 12 hours. While many chefs love what they do and the career is very rewarding, it's easy to get burned out and many people suffer from physical and mental problems that can have detrimental effects on their life. 

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How to plan and write a safety shoe policy for your business

Published 12, May 2018

Safe footwear is crucial in any industry, as there are hazards all around us that can be prevented by wearing shoes that are specially designed to combat these dangers. It doesn’t matter if you’re working a chef, a butcher, a fishmonger or even a theme park assistant, safe footwear is a necessity and you need to ensure that your business has a safety policy in place to help protect your employees from injuries. Not everyone knows how to implement these policies, though, so here’s how to plan and write a safety shoe policy for your business.

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