Commercial Kitchen Flooring Requirements: 5 Things To Check

Published 06, Nov 2017

Making sure the flooring in your kitchen is up to scratch can be a daunting task, especially with all the legal requirements and regulations in place surrounding commercial flooring.


Working out whether the flooring in your work kitchen meets standards can be tough and
time-consuming. Trudging through all the relevant 
Health and Safety Executive (HSE) materials and advice is a struggle to fit around your long working hours and hectic schedule.

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Where Style Meets Safety: Introducing Willa, Reese, Envy III and Madison III

Published 31, Oct 2017

Earlier this year, we listened and added some gorgeous new women’s dress styles, bringing you Marla, Elva, and Kora. We wanted to introduce four new dress styles so our repertoire keeps getting better and better! These new styles are our CE and OB certified female safety styles. Bringing you the safest shoes out there whilst providing variety in your work wardrobe - here are our brand new women's slip resistant shoes.

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Are Robot Servers the Future of Quick Service?

Published 30, Oct 2017

If robot service seems more like sci-fi than reality, you’re in for a surprise. Japan has been utilising robots for years, and the UK will eventually follow suit, especially with fast-food workers demanding higher pay rises the world over. Some in the industry claim that robots are always polite, they’re never late for work, they don’t get paid extra, they’re never ill, they don’t ask for raises, they won’t have slips, trips, and falls accidents, and they never take time off.


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Mistakes Waiters Make When Looking For Comfortable Shoes

Published 27, Oct 2017

As a waiter, you’re on your feet for over 8 hours at a time. You’re constantly active, going back and forth between tables, the kitchen, the bar, the till, the entrance... Just listing all the things waiters have to do is tiring. It’s a tough job which takes its toll on your feet. You can suffer from continual foot pains and muscle spasms long after your shift has ended. And if you need to work for more than 2 days in a row, you’re sure to be in agony. Unless, that is, you invest in some comfortable shoes, designed specifically for your job.

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Slips, Trips and Falls in the Workplace: The Latest Data

Published 26, Oct 2017

In comedy, slips are often seen as amusing and light-hearted; in reality, slips, trips, and falls can cause grievous injuries to an individual's muscles, bones, nerves, and, in severe cases when an individual slips in a hot kitchen, wounds on the skin from hot surfaces, pans, or knives can cause life-changing injuries.


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Who is Responsible for Safety in the Workplace?

Published 25, Oct 2017

You’re at work in the office and you trip over a cable running from one room to another and you injure your wrist, or you work in a restaurant and you slip on water from a leaking ice machine - that’s been broken for weeks. Accidents from slips, trips, and falls are the most common workplace accident, costing companies thousands to millions in compensation. What happens when accidents like these happen in the workplace? Who is responsible for safety in the workplace in the first instance?


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Quick Ways to Prevent and Treat Barista Shoulder Pain

Published 24, Oct 2017

Many don’t realise the dangers baristas face. Burns from steamers and hot coffee and wet floors can cause hazards of their own, but often baristas face musculoskeletal problems as well. One Australian barista received a $600,000 settlement after her injuries caused her arm and wrist to go blue, and extensive nerve damage meant she had to have a rib removed, all because safety and appropriate working conditions were not considered. "Barista wrist" is a term many have coined to describe common wrist injuries faced by baristas from lifting heavy milk jugs when steaming milk, reaching up and down for supplies, and injuries from emptying portafilters (those things with the espresso grounds). If those aren’t bad enough, it can get worse when you experience something like chronic shoulder pain. Here are quick ways to prevent and treat barista shoulder pain.


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How To Turn A Negative Online Review Into A Win For Your Restaurant

Published 20, Oct 2017

Running a restaurant can be a tricky business. Not only are you having to manage the production of high-quality food from your team, along with the great customer service you’re providing, you have to maintain your online presence as well. Even if your restaurant doesn’t provide online services, customers now share their experiences on the internet more than ever and their feedback can either encourage others to visit, or it can deter them from ever stepping foot in your establishment. We understand that restaurant managers like you can feel the strain if you're left negative feedback out of the blue - so here’s how to turn a negative online review into a win for your restaurant.

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6 Restaurant Lighting Tips For Managers

Published 19, Oct 2017

Your restaurant could have it all: delicious food, amazing service and every table styled to the finest detail. However, it’d all be futile if your restaurant doesn’t possess the best lighting possible. In fact, lighting is key in creating any atmosphere or mood, and is vital when you are trying to entice potential customers. So, here are 6 restaurant lighting tips for managers to make your establishment shine!

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How to do a slips, trips and falls risk assessment

Published 18, Oct 2017

According to statistics provided by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), slips, trips and falls are the most common injuries sustained at work, and account for over one-third of all major workplace injuries. It’s not just the monetary damages that you and your company could sustain, but you could be putting your employees’ lives in danger if you haven’t taken the appropriate steps - so here’s how to do a slips, trips and falls risk assessment.

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