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How to Plan and Write a Shoe Safety Policy for Your Business

Posted by Shoes For Crews Europe on 12-May-2018 14:56:00

Safe footwear is crucial in any industry, as they can protect staff from a number of different hazards. It doesn’t matter if you’re a chef, a butcher or even a theme park assistant, safe footwear is a necessity and you need to ensure that your business has a safety policy in place to help protect your employees from injuries.


Not everyone knows how to implement these policies though, so here’s how to plan and write a safety shoe policy for your business.

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Clearly Highlight Your Policy

Before you can even put your shoe safety policy into practice for your business, though, you need to know the 12 safety footwear requirements so that you and your employees have the safest footwear possible that meets your requirements.


The first step to take is to highlight what your policy is and what it is that you’re trying to prevent in your workplace. For example, your business might be a restaurant and you could be trying to improve safety in the kitchen.


Examine your workplace and speak to members of staff to determine the hazards they most often face on a normal day. Use these dangers to work out what changes need to be made to keep staff safe.


Slips, trips and falls are the most common kitchen hazard so preventing these could be what you list as your main goal. Your policy should indicate that your business is encouraging its staff to wear safe and comfortable shoes and how the footwear will be provided.


If slip-resistant footwear has been deemed necessary to keep workers safe as outlined in your health and safety policy, then all PPE has to be provided by your business to employees free of charge and replaced when appropriate. You cannot deduct wages from staff to compensate for the shoes.


Mention the Safety Shoe Required

Once you have clearly highlighted the hazard your safety policy is targeting, it’s important to mention which shoe style your business is suggesting to implement to keep your employees safe. In this instance, you could highlight the one slip-resistant shoe you want everybody employed in your workplace to wear, but this can differ from industry to industry.

You can have more freedom here too, as you may choose to offer a variety of safe styles tailored to chefs, and then completely different styles for waiters and waitresses, for example. However, since not all people’s feet are alike, it’s best to consult with your employees to determine which styles work best for them.



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Include the Date of Implementation

The next crucial step to planning and writing a safety shoe policy for your business is to include the date of when the policy comes into effect. The implementation date should give employees enough notice to prepare for the changes.


Your safety shoe policy doesn’t need to go into great detail at this stage, as simply outlining the month and the year of when the policy will be implemented will suffice.

Assign Responsibility and Highlight Outcomes

It’s also important to assign the shoe safety policy to somebody within the business, as they will be able to remind employees about the changes, update them on progress and regularly purchase new styles if necessary.


Outline exactly what you hope to achieve with the introduction of the safety shoe policy and the positive impact it will have on staff’s work environment. If a team member knows exactly what you’re trying to achieve, they’re more likely to support the changes.

The Procedure and General Comments

Detail the steps that are being implemented, what the procedure will be and what each staff member needs to do to adhere to the policy. No matter your industry or size, any business can benefit from clearly highlighting safety procedures.


The shoe safety policy of your business should also include some general comments that will answer any potential questions the employees will have, all in one place.


General comments might include how they can return their slip-resistant shoes if the size is incorrect and the steps they need to take to return or exchange them.


It’s important that the shoe safety policy for your business clearly defines your goals and follows an effective guideline to make your policy a success.

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