Foot care tips for waitresses: How to look after your feet!

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How often do you think about your feet? They go through so much and they are usually taken for granted. Working long shifts on your feet, walking thousands of steps a day and sometimes wearing the most uncomfortable of shoes, it's surprising our feet don't go on strike! As we use our feet every day, it's important we look after them otherwise we'll regret it as we get older. Learn how to look after you feet - a treat for your feet, is a treat for you too!


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Looking after your feet helps to relieve stress and improve health

When you're working long and busy hours, you need to be concentrating on the job rather than being distracted by foot pain. Feeling sore and achy at work can have a negative effect on your health and make you feel very stressed. It's important to look after your feet as you can be putting yourself at risk of arthritis and other painful conditions.


We can buy as many pairs of shoes as we like but we only have one pair of feet. Look after them properly to get the best out of them. 


How to look after your feet with excersise

After a long shift, the thought of doing exercises at home isn't appealing. We've collected some of the quickest and most effective exercises you can do whilst sitting on the couch or preparing food in the kitchen.

  • Stretch the soles of your feet - Get a round object like a plastic bottle or tin can and place it beneath the arch of your feet. Use the circular shape to roll your feet forwards and backwards to stretch all the muscles and release any tension.
  • Flex and wriggle - Ideal for sitting on the couch and takes only 2-3 minutes. Raise your feet into the air and flex your feet, draw circles and wriggle your toes. 
  • Toe grip - This is a fun little exercise. Get a table cloth or your sock and place it on the floor in front of you. Use your toes to pick it up and hold it in the air for 15 seconds. Drop it and do the same with your other foot. This strengthens your muscles and helps to improve your balance.
  • Calf raise - Using one foot at a time, stand on your toes and balance. Hold the position for 10-15 seconds, then drop and do the same with the other foot. Do 10 reps with each foot and feel your muscles stretch from your calves to your toes.

If you're standing up all day, you can do feet exercises at work to help you stretch your muscles and alleviate any tension in your limbs.


Clean feet are happy feet

Throughout the day, you would think your feet stay very clean because they are protected by your shoes. It's not like you're walking around in bare feet all day.


But, walking around in your shoes for long periods of time means your feet are likely to get warm and sweaty, and this is the perfect environment for fungal infections to thrive. Every day you should scrub and clean your feet to remove potentially harmful organisms and keep your feet squeaky clean.


Treat your feet to TLC

The amount of hours your feet work every week, they deserve some occasional TLC. Feet massages are excellent for dispelling stress and tension. Just like having a back massage, after a foot massage you can feel relaxed and rejuvenated.


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You can give yourself a foot massage or get someone else to help you out. Use aromatherapy lotion or oil and smooth it onto your foot. Rub the top of your foot firmly with your thumbs and slowly descend to your heel, you want to be using a firm and comfortable pressure to be remove any tension from your muscles. Do the same with the next foot and repeat the process three or more times.


If you're not keen on massages, there are other treatments you can enjoy. 

  • Use a pumice stone to rub away dead skin, leaving your feet feeling soft and fresh.
  • Treat your feet to a luxury foot spa, this is a delightful water therapy treatment you can enjoy without touching your feet.
  • Having fish pedicures are a popular luxury treatment for feet, letting Garra rufa fish (aka Doctor Fish, really, I'm not making that up) nibble the dead skin away.  

Wear the right shoes for work 

As well as giving your feet some luxury treatments and exercise regularly, you can make sure you're wearing the right shoes for work. When buying shoes for work you need to make sure they're comfortable, supportive, durable and offer breathability. Shoes made of genuine leather let your feet breathe and helps to keep them cool during a busy shift. 


Shoes For Crews create slip-resistant shoes that are made of genuine leather, comfortable to wear and have strong support. The right shoes for work offer many benefits and help to maintain the health of your feet.


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