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Should You Invest in Safety Shoes for Kitchen Staff?

Published 28, Mar 2018

Chefs are exposed to a whole host of dangers while they're busy preparing the best possible food for their diners. That's just what the restaurant environment brings, especially since most of these hazards aren't visible and can occur when least expected. Despite that, you can (and should) play an important role in keeping your staff safe. Here's why you need to invest in safety shoes for kitchen staff in 2018.

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4 Restaurant Events to Attend in 2018

Published 26, Mar 2018

Shows and expos are popular among chefs as it helps them keep up to date with the latest trends. If you're looking to improve your career, change your menu, test out new creations or anything else to take inspiration from, here are four restaurant events you need to attend in 2018.

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Front of House Uniform: How To Stay Safe & Look Good

Published 23, Mar 2018

Front of house staff are the people customers are most likely to meet and interact with, so it's important that you're smartly dressed and acting professionally in order to make the best impressions. Being friendly and offering stellar customer service isn't the only thing that impresses customers. Here's why front of house uniform is important and how it keeps staff safe as well as looking good. 

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How To Pick the Perfect Hotel Shoes for Your Staff

Published 22, Mar 2018

Your staff are the face of your hotel. They're responsible for the guests' experience and a great way to fuel their motivation is to prioritise their comfort and safety. Take careful consideration of which hotel shoes you purchase for your staff. Here's how to pick the perfect pair.

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How to Introduce Your Customers to New Flavour Combinations

Published 21, Mar 2018

Now that we're in spring 2018, it could be a great time for you to look at your menu and see if there are any changes you'd want to make. More specifically, it's new flavour combinations that are going to take the year by storm. However, the introduction of these popular new combinations, dishes and flavours can't be rushed. Here's how you should introduce them to your customers.

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6 Essential Hotel Safety Tips For Employees

Published 19, Mar 2018

Being welcoming and offering the best customer service aren't the only things you need to make guests repeatedly stay at your hotel. While they're still important, guests knowing that they're safe on your premises will give a comforting feeling that they're in safe hands. To achieve this - and keep your staff safe too - it's important you provide hotel safety tips for employees. 

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Chef Branding: How To Make Your Mark on 2018

Published 27, Feb 2018

A strong personal brand is essential and always has been if you want to stand out from the competition. As Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder, once said: "Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room." Doing your best and working hard isn't always enough to get people to notice. These days, it's also about being innovative and leading new trends. Here's how to reinvent your chef branding to make your mark this year. 

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Social Media For Restaurants: 5 Things To Avoid

Published 22, Feb 2018

Building a reliable social media following for your restaurant takes a lot of time, effort and learning from mistakes. Yet, you see restaurants and food being posted on every platform imaginable. Interestingly, a study has revealed that there are 5.7 billion food-related pins on Pinterest and research has found that based on an average day on Twitter for the food industry, 26.31 tweets can generate 86.32 replies, 511.01 @-mentions and 121.74 retweets.

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5 Ways To Get A 5 Star Review For Your Hotel

Published 21, Feb 2018

As a hotel manager, achieving high guest satisfaction is key and if you aren't going out of your way to satisfy their needs, then expect an average or even a negative review coming your way. On the other hand, positive reviews and feedback from genuine customers will persuade others to visit. So, here's how to get a 5 star review for your hotel.

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Choosing The Right Coffee Shop POS System: Tips For Managers

Published 16, Feb 2018

Getting your POS system right doesn't have to be a headache. There are so many good features that modern POS systems offer to busy coffee shop owners, and they also make a cashier's life easier too.

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